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15 Worst Things About Millennials, Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

Every generation has its fair share of negatives, but admittance is the first step. One person asked millennials online to share their opinions on the worst thing about their generation, and they didn’t hold back. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Everyone’s a Flake 

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One millennial is over everyone being so noncommittal. “If I ever write a book, I’m calling it ‘I’d Rather Hear No,'” they said. “If you don’t want to hang out, go on a date, or are not interested, just tell me. I’m tired of ‘we’ll see,’ ‘maybe,’ or my personal favorite, ‘I’ll let you know.'”

2: Phone Zombies 

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“Our obsession with social media,” says one millennial, who was quickly told by another commenter that it could be worse. “If you think social media is bad with millennials, go look at Gen Z and those that are currently teenagers. Not even close.” 

3: Lost Hobbies 

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Another commenter believes social media is the worst thing about millennials, not because they’re addicted, but because it’s discouraged an entire generation. “We have a generation of people who don’t think it’s worth developing their hobbies and skills because they don’t feel they’re as good as someone online and are also livid over some trivial thing.” 

4: Putting on a Show 

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Performative social media culture has taken a toll on millennials. “I’m not of the camp of hating social media. I just hate that there’s this pressure to present a facade of fun and carefree perfection that’s so unrealistic,” one commenter said. “We’re so preoccupied with performing enjoyment that we’re not taking the time to actually enjoy life.” 

5: Wishful Thinking

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Following your dreams proved too good to be true for this millennial who regrets their education style. “You find yourself too old to start over and facing competition from others who were lucky enough to go down paths that lead straight to success and are far more experienced than you because they didn’t have to start over at 30.”

6: Grow Up 

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One millennial commenter wishes that their generation acted their age. “I’m 30 years old now, and people talk about my generation like we are all 21-year-old kids.”

7: Think for Yourself 

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One millennial is sick of others’ “Inability or unwillingness to recognize the impact of filter bubbles putting us in echo chambers online that only serve to stagnate thought and intellectual progress. Especially in today’s political climate.” 

8: Remove the Labels 

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One millennial says their generation’s obsession with labels and trying to fit in while still being individuals is growing tiresome. “You are you, and only you are in charge of your happiness. If you have to have labels and fit into certain groups or cliques to be an individual, then you’re living entirely wrong.”

9: Agree to Disagree 

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“The idea that if you are 90% with someone/something but 10% against it that you’re an enemy,” says one millennial. “There are so many things where if you have even the slightest reservation, boom, [you’re] evil. It’s all or nothing.”

10: In the Red 

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This may be a little personal, but one commenter says student loan debt is the worst thing about millennials. Another commenter follows up, “And being unable to purchase a home because of it.”

11: Think About It

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One commenter thinks that the oversaturation of information is a big issue for millennials. “We are so used to being able to Google something or YouTube it that our critical thinking and problem-solving skills are getting worse and worse.” 

12: Awkward for a Reason

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Life behind a screen has hindered millennials, according to one commenter. “Most of our interaction is filtered through screens. So many people I know complain about being awkward or uncomfortable in new settings (including myself), and that is because we just aren’t used to being around other people except for our immediate families.”

13: No More Middle Ground 

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“Every opinion is a strong opinion,” says one millennial. “There is very little room for nuance. Everything is extreme in one way or another. Nothing is just okay or neutral. You either love a song or hate it. You’re either a staunch conservative or a bleeding-heart liberal. Middle ground has eroded almost completely.”

14: Life on Easy Street 

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Giving up is the name of the game, according to one millennial, who’s sick of their generation’s lack of effort. “When something is too hard, it is easier to just quit.” 

15: How Offensive 

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One millennial is sick and tired of “the victim Olympics” that seem to occur among their generation. “Everyone is constantly looking for a way to be offended and claim ‘society’ or ‘the system’ is the reason for their problems and not themselves,” they said. “You have two choices: resign yourself to your status or try to improve it.” 

Source: Reddit

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