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Miami Misery. The 15 Worst Things About Living in the Magic City

One Miami resident said every city has its ups and downs, and the place they call home is no different. Whether a recent transplant or a local who knows their way around, they asked fellow residents online to share their gripes about living in the famous Florida city, and people responded. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Bumper To Bumper

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Many commenters agreed that Miami traffic is less than ideal. “Traffic has always been pretty bad, but I’ve never seen anything like this,” they said. “Cars backed up for miles on what used to be fairly empty streets.” 

2: Cost of Living 

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One Miami local says the price of renting has burdened them and their family. “It’s very hard to stay optimistic knowing people are trying to screw you over right and left in this city.”

3: Behind the Wheel

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It’s not just the dense traffic that’s a problem; one commenter who’s lived in Miami for six months says the terrible drivers affect them the most. “It’s not just a meme to talk about the drivers. The roads here truly are full of terrible, rude drivers.”

4: Not Getting Better

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One commenter says the Miami housing situation, exacerbated by the new work-from-home culture, has ruined their dreams. “Twenty years ago, buying a house with a big yard already felt out of reach for a lot of locals. Now it’s near impossible unless you’re swinging around a giant cash offer.”

5: Fewer Munchies 

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One Miami foodie said the worst thing about living in the city is that “it’s getting harder to find solid cheap Cuban/Nicaraguan food.” 

6: Mean Spirited

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“People are pretty rude here,” one person commented about Miami locals. Another agreed. “The majority of people here are incapable of being considerate.” 

7: Bug Off

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One concerned commenter doesn’t like the insects out and about in Miami. “I just want to have a coffee by my pool. Why am I covered in mosquitoes?”

8: Goodbye Retirement 

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Living in Miami while you’re young can have costly consequences, as one Miami local found out. “I will never be able to plan for a good retirement by saving money in Miami. [It’s a] fantastic place to spend some time being young and beautiful, but economically, is it wise and smart? Not so sure.” 

9: Miami Superfan 

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One Miami local said the worst thing about their city is the people who spend time complaining about it. “We’re amongst the luckiest people on earth. More people would be happier if they could come to terms with that fact. If you hate it here, your hate is a bigger problem than anything about Miami.”

10: Silver Lining 

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“It’s just the traffic for me. Everything else is great,” says one local, who’s found a way to make everything worth it in Miami. “The prices suck, but happy hours are great here, so there are ways around it.”

11: Why Can’t We Be Friends 

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One Miami resident has less than kind things to say about their peers. “People are very superficial and opportunistic. It’s hard to form genuine, high-quality relationships here.”

12: Pipe Dream 

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Another Miami resident struggles with the rent prices. “It’s become nearly impossible to live on your own here. And buying a house? Yeah, good luck. A six-figure income has now become an absolute must to live alone in this city.”

13: Be Prepared 

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One climate-conscious commenter said the worst thing about living in Miami is the rising sea level. 

14: Flying the Coop 

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Adding on to their previous comment, one person said their friends are leaving Miami for greener pastures. “Because rent/housing is so expensive, my long-time friends that made the city palatable have moved north to more affordable cities or ones that offer way more culture for the same cost of living.”

15: Love What You’ve Got 

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One Miami transplant came from Glasgow, Scotland, and feels like people exaggerate the negative parts of living there. “Miami has pros and cons like any other large metropolitan area in the world. You have to weigh them and decide what you want. No need to be dramatic about it like many are.”

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