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15 Gen Z Characteristics That Make Other Generations Cringe

The second-youngest generation catches a lot of heat for plenty of reasons. People took to the internet to share the worst things about Gen Z. Even some Gen Zers chimed in with their self-reflections.

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Falling For It 

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One person wishes Gen Z would think things through a little more, saying they don’t think about if things make sense before agreeing. “They go along with horrific things without even realizing it because, ‘well, everyone is saying it’s true!'”

2: Ok Zoomer 

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One Gen Zer hates their generation for constantly complaining about things. “It’s like they think it’s a contest to prove who has the hardest life,” they said. “We’re all going through hardships. I don’t care about yours and don’t want you to know about mine.” 

3: One Complaint Fits All 

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One commenter thinks the worst thing about Gen Z is the worst thing about all generations: ignorance. “Every single one got itself some stupid ideas and beliefs that’s completely not true.” 

4: Share Some Kindness

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Another Gen Zer speaks straight from the horse’s mouth. They think the worst thing about their generation is “the way some of us completely write off people in other generations without realizing that we are all human.” 

5: Anything For Clout 

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One person is fed up with “the clout seekers” that run rampant in Gen Z. 

6: Bunch of Softies 

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One member of an older generation thinks Gen Z is overly concerned with saying the right thing rather than speaking their mind. “They’ve grown up to fear things like cancellation and censorship. They’re also really soft, but that’s more understandable given their age.” 

7: Terrible Threads 

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One commenter thinks Gen Z could do better with their fashion choices, saying they have “horrible style.” 

8: Phone Zombies 

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“​​I’d say the phone addiction,” one commenter says. Not so fast, though. Another person responded, saying, “Every boomer I know is just as bad.” 

9: Hairy Situation 

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Style isn’t the only thing about appearances that people bring up. One commenter said Gen Z’s hairstyles are questionable. “Bro, I’ve got the sickest mullet,” one Zoomer teases. 

10: Right Back Atcha 

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One Gen Zer was quick to point the finger right back at other generations who were negative. To them, the worst thing about Gen Z is how they’re “burdened by the fiscal irresponsibility of prior generations.” 

11: Look It Up 

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One commenter would think a generation born into so much tech knows what they’re doing, but apparently not. “They seemingly never received education on how to use Google successfully.” 

12: Fame Seekers 

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One Gen Zer can’t believe the things trending on TikTok, and that’s why they dislike their generation. “People would lick random objects (including toilet seats) for a stupid trend.” 

13: Fake Happy 

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Another Zoomer is tired of how everyone judges everyone. “People preach mental health awareness and body positivity on social media, but I can name at least 20 times I have been bullied by those same people,” they said. “It’s all so fake. I hate it.” 

14: Class in Session 

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One commenter wonders where all the years of schooling went with Gen Z. “They are the most educated generation, but at the same time, the most miserable.” 

15: Peace Treaty 

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“Why are we always complaining about the young generation?” one commenter says. “I remember always hearing complaints about millennials before this. We were all young once, too. Let them be young and stop complaining.” 

Source: Reddit

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