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10 Worst Airlines for Lost Luggage, Travelers Be Warned

Is there anything worse than arriving at your destination for a long-awaited vacation only to realize that your luggage didn’t make it? Lost luggage can be a logistical nightmare, but you can hedge your bets by avoiding these ten airlines notorious for losing their customers’ belongings. 

By the Numbers

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A 2022 report by Price4Limo used data from Air Travel Consumer Reports and a survey of 1,000 travelers to compile a list of the ten worst airlines for lost luggage. The rankings take into account the number of bags lost per 100,000 pieces of luggage handled in a single year. 

1: Republic Airways

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Passengers of the Indianapolis-based regional airline Republic Airways have a higher chance of not enjoying their trip than most. For every 100,000 bags the airline handled, 930 ended up lost. That equates to a staggering nearly 1% of travelers arriving at their destination without their bags. 

2: American Airlines

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While Republic had the worst overall track record regionally, American Airlines lost the most luggage nationally, landing the airline in hot water with its passengers. For every 100,000 bags it handled, American lost 850 pieces of luggage. 

3: Envoy Air 

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Operating mostly as a regional subsidiary of American Airlines, Envoy followed suit with its national partner’s track record of lost luggage. The Dallas-based airline lost an average of 750 bags for every 100,000 handled. 

4: JetBlue

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New York-based JetBlue does a lot of business in its bustling home airport of JFK. This large volume in one of the world’s busiest airports might account for the airline’s loss of 670 bags for every 100,000 handled, according to Price4Limo. 

5: PSA Airlines 

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Another subsidiary of American, PSA Airlines also has a pretty poor track record of getting luggage to its final destination. The Ohio-based regional airline misplaced 660 bags for every 100,000 it handled. 

6: Alaska Airlines

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America’s fifth largest airline, Alaska Airlines, does lots of business in the Northwest US as long as it can get those bags to their final destinations. The Seattle-based airline has a bad track record of losing 640 bags for every 100,000 it handled in 2022. 

7: United Airlines

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United Airlines also has a pretty poor track record of getting luggage to its final destination. The Chicago-based airline misplaced 620 bags for every 100,000 it handled. 

8: Mesa Airlines

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Phonex-based Mesa Airlines is not having a great year. The regional airline not only lost 600 bags for every 100,000 it handled in 2022, but it also posted a $47.6 million loss and a 15% drop in revenue for Q3 of 2023 as it transitioned into a new partnership with United Airlines. 

9: Delta Airlines 

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Atlanta is home to one of the world’s busiest airports, so it’s no surprise that lost luggage is part of the daily grind for Delta Airlines, which calls Atlanta its home base. Delta lost an average of 540 bags for every 100,000 handled in 2022. 

10: Spirit Airlines 

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Spirit is famed for its low fares and no-frills service. Unfortunately, this combination leads to a laissez-faire attitude with luggage; Spirit lost around 530 bags for every 100,000 it handled last year. 

Most Responsible Airline

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Of all the airlines included in Price4Limo’s report, SkyWest Airlines took the best care of its passengers’ luggage. The Utah-based regional airline lost only 0.48% of the bags it handled and had the lowest increase in damaged baggage at just 61%. 

Increase in Damages

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Lost luggage isn’t the only major issue travelers need to be aware of. Nearly all airlines saw an increase in damaged bags in 2022, with budget airline Allegiant being the worst offender, thanks to a 700% annual increase in damaged luggage. 

Airports With the Most Lost Luggage

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The airline isn’t always to blame when luggage goes missing. Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport, and San Diego International Airport are the worst offenders when it comes to losing travelers’ bags on the ground. 

How to Prevent Lost Luggage

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While you can always try to prepare for the worst, sometimes things (like lost luggage) just happen. The best way to avoid this major mishap is to travel light and bring only a well-packed carry-on that ensures you won’t be separated from your bags. 

Capitalizing on Lost Luggage

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