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15 Words and Phrases That Drive English Speakers Crazy

People say the darndest things. One couldn’t help but cringe overhearing a woman say she had “A hot bun in the oven” instead of announcing her pregnancy. In return, they asked the internet which words, phrases, or sayings drive them crazy. You may be saying them without realizing it. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Taking Things Literally 

Frustrated woman.
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Overusing the word “literally” in sentences drives multiple people up a wall. “I’ve started saying things are ‘figuratively’ in reply to people who do this,” someone said. You were literally five minutes late? “Funny, I was figuratively five minutes late.”

2: No Cares in the World 

Frustrated woman.
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Too many people get it wrong when they say, “I could care less,” according to word police in the comments. “Somewhere along the line, people stopped saying couldn’t, and it aggravates the heck out of anyone who has stopped to think about it.” 

3: Mom and Pop 

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It grinds one person’s gears when people refer to their parents as “the rents.” Someone jokingly replied, “Sounds like an STD.” Another says their girlfriend does this, and they had no idea what she was talking about at first. “I had never heard that.”

4: Not Quite Right 

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One English speaker gets annoyed when people say “​supposevly.” Another agreed but said they hear “supposably” more often. “Right up there with ‘would of,’ ‘could of,’ or ‘should of,” someone added. 

5: None Taken 

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One observed that when people say “No offense,” it’s typically followed by the most offensive thing you’ve heard all day. “It really is annoying, but it makes sense why one says it,” someone defended. “But then, yeah, it can be avoided by not saying the whole thing altogether.” 

6: Turn My Swag on 

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Perhaps one of the most popular words of the late aughts, “swag,” has become worthy of a few eye-twitches. “That’s a good example of one of those trendy, overused words that half the people that use it don’t even know the meaning or origin of,” one English speaker said. 

7: Show Must Go on 

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At the end of the day, it bothers one person when others start their sentences with that exact phrase. They’re not alone; theater kids agree. “After being in the chorus in a production of Les Mis, I can safely say I hate ‘At the end of the day,'” one said. “Dunno about the saying, but it’s the most annoying chorus song in the show.” 

8: Taking Advantage 

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One cyber-smart person says ‘internet hacker’ is a term thrown around far too often. They said most of them are just opportunists. “If you left your credit card and your details along with a bunch of cash outside your house overnight, and someone robbed it, you wouldn’t say they were breaking and entering.” 

9: Chronically Online 

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A few folks wither up inside when people say “epic fail” in non-internet settings. “I want to mush someone’s face with my fist whenever I hear this,” one said. “Or saying something that isn’t [like] ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is ‘epic,'” another added. 

10: Chin Up 

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Even in a good mood, one person says when others tell them to smile, “I want to punch them.” Most girls also know the aggravating feeling of someone telling you you’re prettier when you smile. 

11: Short and Sweet 

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Valley girls, you might want to look away. Saying things like “cray-cray,” “probs,” “totes,” and anything where you’re shortening words by syllables gets annoying fast. “The winner: Using two or more of these in one sentence. Ex: ‘That is totes cray-cray!'” 

12: Grinding Gears 

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Baristas everywhere know the pain of hearing someone order an “Expresso.” One person says, “I don’t even drink coffee, and this pisses me off.” A barista said people also ask for “no-foam cappuccinos” pretty often. 

13: Ruffling Feathers 

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Fans of the adult comedy show “Family Guy” understand just how much of an earworm the phrase “bird is the word” is. “I can’t even explain how much I truly hate it,” one person said. 

14: That’s Amore 

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One person loosely quoted comedienne and actress Tina Fey, who said she can’t stand “lovers.” That is, unless it’s between the words “meat” and “pizza.”

15: Que Sera Sera 

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It bothers one person to hear, “It is what it is.” Because, duh. Another adds that in their experience, “Usually when someone says this, they have no clue what it is.” 

Source: Reddit

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