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15 Reasons Why Florida Is a Horrible Place To Move To

From being a prime vacation destination to stirring up viral news headlines, Florida is well-known for being one of the most interesting states to visit in the US. But according to some residents, settling down there is a totally different story. Current and former Floridians shared what makes the Sunshine State a horrible place to live. 

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1: Blown Away 

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If you move to Florida, prepare for natural disasters, says an unhappy Florida resident. “Hurricanes happen every year, and you risk losing your home.” 

2: Visitors Not Welcome 

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With Mickey Mouse’s headquarters in Orlando and breathtaking shorelines, Florida is a tourist’s dream. And that makes it a nightmare to live in, according to one person.

3: One and Done 

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One Florida hater says all it took was one visit to Disney World at 13 to vow never to return. “That was 30 years ago, and I cut off the entire state.” 

4: Karma is Coming 

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Another Florida cynic says they can’t wait for Florida to be underwater from climate change since so many people in the state are climate change deniers. “It’s a perfect example of nature dishing out some much-needed karma.” 

5: Stay Put 

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A Floridian cites being happy to hear hate towards the Sunshine State. “More of this! Please don’t move to Florida!” they half-joked. “We don’t want you here any more than you want to be here. Visit anytime you like, but please don’t stay!” 

6: Beat the Heat 

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After living there for 23 years, a former Floridian says they couldn’t agree more with Florida being a terrible place to live. Why? “God awful sticky and disgusting heat.” They explain, “Everyone who touts how much of a paradise Florida is [probably] visited for a couple of weeks in December for the holidays [and] thinks that’s representative.” 

7: Keeping It Under Wraps 

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One visitor had a less-than-stellar experience during their two-week Florida visit. “I tried to hide my hatred so much from my family so we could enjoy our time. Blistering sticky heat all year. Bipolar tropical weather as well. I would only go back to visit the ocean and beaches.”

8: I’m Out 

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Another former Floridian says they lived in the Sunshine State for three years and left as soon as they had the chance. “The standards for being a decent person are significantly lower in Florida than anywhere else I’ve lived,” they said. “Yes, there are plenty of great people in Florida, but in general, compared to other states, Florida is a dump.” 

9: Show Offs

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“I feel the same way,” one naysayer says. “I think the endless heat and every season feeling the same drives people a little bit mad.” They add that they’ve never seen more of an issue with people looking to show off their concealed carry or talk about an “upcoming civil war.” 

10: See You Later

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“All the alligators that infest nearly every body of water” is one of the worst parts about Florida, comments a local. “And the idiot parents that let their toddlers and pets play by said bodies of water.” 

11: Tourist Trap 

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Not only does one person agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments shared about Florida, but they take it further. “It’s not even that nice to visit.” 

12: Since You’ve Been Gone 

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“Florida is awful if you’re a low-income American,” says a former resident of 10+ years, who says they never made enough money so their health insurance expenses didn’t eat most of their paycheck. “Moved back to Pennsylvania and qualified for medical assistance, and wow, is the quality of my life just so much better.” 

13: Sick of the Crime 

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Living in Florida was horrible for one ex-resident. Why? They said they were frequently the victim of theft and other crimes. “I lived in a wealthy area of South Tampa, and the apartment complex parking lot was littered with burglary tools. I can tell you about five stories of when major crimes impacted my life in just a few short years.” 

14: Getting Pestered 

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Living in Florida really bugs one insect-averse resident, “Do not get me started on the bug problems and infestations there. Especially bed bugs.”

15: Polarizing Policies

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Depending on who you’re talking to, the political climate in Florida can be one of its biggest draws or its biggest deterrents. “Nobody trusts the government there to do the right thing with their money, and it perpetuates a lot of rather dehumanizing policies,” one person said. 

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