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Americans Rally to Ditch the Tip Jar. Situations When Tipping Is Utterly Unnecessary

Most American consumers know the feeling of having an iPad turned towards them at the end of a transaction. One person said they always tip 18-20% but asked the internet for situations where adding extra gratuity isn’t necessary. Here’s what they had to say. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Money for Nothing

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“I tip for service,” one commenter says. “If you are just ringing me up for something, I usually skip the tip.” They said it’s extremely frustrating when the screen gets flipped to them and starts at 25%. “I don’t know the solution, but it isn’t that.”

2: Exceeding Expectations 

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One commenter says anywhere that provides a service and an experience, like a hair stylist, tattoo artist, hotel housekeeping, etc., deserves a tip. “Or anyone that performs a service that goes above and beyond,” they said. 

3: Cherry on Top 

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Another person says they’ve stopped tipping at places where you order from a cashier. “They’re being paid an hourly wage, and tips in those places are actually optional. I can’t afford to add a bonus tip to everything.” 

4: Do It Yourself 

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Even a person who “highly believes in tipping” can’t get behind it sometimes. “If I just walk in somewhere to get something to go, I will tip like a dollar just to be courteous,” they said. “If you’re just buying a t-shirt somewhere, I really don’t think you should tip.”

5: It Depends

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One commenter says they base the decision on the employee’s wage and the current cultural norms in the area. “Fast food, even with a tip jar? No. Coffee shop. Locally owned? I say yes. National chain? No, or a dollar. Obviously, this is pure opinion.”

6: Not Around Here 

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One commenter says tipping isn’t necessary “in countries with decent minimum wages and employment conditions.” Fair enough. 

7: Taking Things To-Go

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According to one commenter, tipping is optional when you order pick up from a restaurant and are not eating in. “Tipping is for service.”

8: Getting Greedy 

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“Outside of restaurants, it’s never necessary. Period,” one commenter says. “Decline all tips. You’re subsidizing the owners’ profits. Because they don’t increase wages since the workers won’t ask for raises, cause they are getting tipped.” 

9: Skip the Tip 

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A server says they’ve stopped tipping at many places they used to. “I might leave a few dollars if they did a great job.” But generally speaking, they don’t feel that people working “Counter service restaurants/to-go orders/places that are just pouring into a plastic cup & pointing to the water station” need a big or any tip.

10: Ruff Love

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One dog groomer commented that tips are always very appreciated. “I always tip my dog groomer,” another person said. “I have an Old English Sheepdog and know it’s a pain to deal with all that fur!”

11: No Handouts 

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Another commenter says tipping is optional and is supposed to give thanks for going above and beyond. “You people are out of your minds thinking doing your job entitles you to an additional $500 a night in tips.” 

12: God Bless America

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Tipping culture has gotten out of hand in the US, according to one European. “This is on top of inflation, so things are getting exponentially more expensive. Why not pay a living wage with salary increases that match inflation?”

13: Extra, Extra 

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Tipping in excess is an American thing, according to this commenter. “Don’t tip in doubt; it’s already paid for. The tip is only for extra good service or something extra nice. Unless you’re in the States, I guess.” 

14: Pinching Pennies

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One commenter says they’re suffering from tip burnout, so they’ve gotten more selective with where they spend their money. “Basically, if it is not a sit-down restaurant or my hair stylist, I no longer tip.” 

15: Only Exception

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Although one commenter says they tip for almost everything, they draw the line at tipping for horrible service. Another commenter disagrees. “I still tip if the service is horrible, but I really don’t ever have horrible service.”

Source: Reddit

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