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7 Dreamy Wheelchair Accessible Airbnbs Around the World

Airbnb is finally taking wheelchair accessibility more seriously, thanks to its recent roll-out of new accessibility features. If you’re looking for some accessible inspiration, these accommodations fit the bill.

1: Puerto Rico

Isabela coastline.
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Located in Isabela, Puerto Rico, this Stylish Mid-Century Modern Beach Apartment is very wheelchair-friendly. In addition to its stunning ocean views, the property provides two free parking spaces, Wi-Fi, and a 55-inch television. At $215 per night, the rental features step-free areas and entrances wider than 32 inches, along with 28 other amenities available on-site.

2: Costa Rica

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How does a tropical home nestled in the Costa Rican rainforest sound? Wheelchair users will find just that at Casa de Noni. The rental property is a short trip from the Mal Pais beaches, has six beds, and two fully equipped kitchens. The house offers travelers over 20 accessibility features, including an 11-foot-wide parking spot and a lit path to the guest entrance.

3: Maine

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Offering a view of the Kennebec River, this cozy accessible Pittson home is perfect for travelers needing a break. With two bedrooms and one bathroom, the stay has plenty of amenities, including a shower chair, lifts, and tiled floors.

4: Canada 

Lighthouse in Nova Scotia.
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With a slogan of “an escape for every body,” this stunning Nova Scotia waterfront home is perfect for wheelchair travelers seeking an accessible rental. The 5-star accommodation offers a relaxing getaway with a landscape overlooking the Northumberland Shore. The cozy cottage boasts a barrier-free bathroom, automatic door entrances, and an accessible kitchen.

5: France

French Riviera.
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This French rental home proudly advertises its accessibility features and proximity to the beach. The eight-room house is located in a seaside resort and was renovated to accommodate people with disabilities. The rental offers travelers 18 amenities, including a fixed bar near the toilet and the shower.

6: Spain

Cobblestone street in Spain.
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Located in the beautiful region of Port de Pollença, this Spanish rental villa has nine beds. The property can accommodate up to 12 guests and features six rooms. It is child-friendly and wheelchair accessible, with step-free access throughout the house and shower chairs available for use.

7: North Carolina

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Lorraine’s Hakuna Matata is a wheelchair-accessible townhouse near North Carolina’s beachfront. The rental finished its accessible remodel in 2015, offering no-step entrances, wide door spaces, and a wheel-under double-vanity sink. For under $200 a night, this townhouse is a catch.

What’s Airbnb?

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Airbnb stands for Air Bed and Breakfast. The site, which also has a mobile app, allows property owners to rent out their spaces to travelers needing accommodations. The app came to fruition in 2007.

Finding Accessible Accommodations

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It used to be extremely difficult to find accessible accommodations on Airbnb. Luckily, Airbnb has since launched accessible features, which you can select by using their filter after typing in the destination you want to visit.

Wheelchair-Friendly Countries

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The Netherlands is an excellent example of a wheelchair-friendly country. Their public transportation system and all new or renovated attractions offer accessible features. Countries like Germany and France are following suit.

Least Accessible Cities

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While some places in Europe are striving to be more accessible, others have yet to catch up. A British study showed that Chisinau, Moldova, Belgrade, Serbia, and Tirana, Albania are some of the least accessible cities in Europe.

The Bigger Picture

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There are more than 2.7 million wheelchair users in the United States. Globally, it’s estimated that around 131.8 million people rely on wheelchairs. There’s more reason than ever for companies like Airbnb to continue making accessible accommodations easier for wheelchair users to book.

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