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What Will Happen When Baby Boomers Are Gone, According to Younger Generations

Have you ever wondered what the world will be like once the boomer generation is fully retired or deceased? Younger generations jumped at the chance to weigh in.

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

From the Start

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“One day, the baby boomers’ reign will finally end,” a Gen Xer declared in an online forum. While they acknowledge not all boomers are “clueless and selfish,” they’re fed up with their boomer family members not understanding how easy they had it back in the day. With that in mind, they ask the internet how things will look when boomers either retire or croak. 

More Nursing Homes 

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One person posits that a shocking amount of “boomer money” will be siphoned by the long-term care/senior warehousing industry. “‘Senior care’ complexes are being slapped up everywhere I see,” they said. 

Don’t Point Fingers 

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“Social security might become solvent again, and Medicare will get a boost,” one person guesses, adding that boomers get a bad rep. “I don’t think our parents’ generation intentionally caused these issues. Unintended consequences in most cases, and hindsight is 20/20.”

Tale as Old as Time 

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One individual goes out on a limb to say that nothing changes at all. “Folks have been complaining about older generations since the beginning of generations. It’s up to the middle-aged adults to navigate our society/country through today’s challenges.”

Bye, Bye, Snowbirds 

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“For me, I’m hoping it ends the annual migration of the snowbird,” one person said about what life will be like after baby boomers are gone. “I don’t think many of us will have a summer home and a winter home.” A Florida resident responded that they’re holding out for another real estate crash, especially where they live. 

Millennial Takeover 

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One Gen Xer believes their generation will get skipped over (as usual) for their youthful counterparts. “Millennials will run everything. It’s already started.” 

Nothing To Worry About 

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One person, born on the early side of Gen X, says they have a few boomer friends and think they’re no more likely to cause social and economic upheaval than anyone else. “I think we have more to fear from fellow Gen-Xers who have already lost their minds – flat earthers, science deniers, etc.”

Less Jobs 

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After boomers leave the workforce, one person says millennials often replace them. “Unless the jobs just aren’t replaced,” argues another commenter. “Boomers aren’t being replaced in the workforce with younger people. They’re just eliminating the positions.” 

Face the Music

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One realist says that Gen X needs to accept that they will be guinea pigs for the next social experiment in retirement. “Here we sit, waiting for whatever our dysfunctional government [does] to put something together.” 

Same Old, Same Old

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Times won’t change too drastically post-boomer, according to one commenter. “There’s always going to be rich and old people who do rich and old people things. That’s not going to stop.” 

Not Done Yet

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Even in retirement, one person thinks boomers will continue to push on. “They will keep consuming, and many will try to keep working. We’ll be paying for them for a long time.”

Hard Times

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One sympathetic person thinks others need to understand better what older generations had to endure before they cast judgment. “Many boomers were drafted for Vietnam, suffered horrible injuries, and came home to hippies spitting on them and calling them terrible things. Many lost family members, friends, husbands, etc.”

Skipping Gen X

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“It seems many think of boomers as so much older than they really are,” one Gen Xer said. They guess millennials will be ready to step in instead by the time their parents’ generation loses their grip. But “the boomer reign isn’t ending nearly as soon as some seem to believe.”

Nothing New

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Another agrees that the transition will be pretty anticlimactic, “The millennials eligible to vote have outnumbered the eligible boomer voters for a very long time at this point,” they said. “Maybe they should have been voting instead of complaining.”

Millennial Uprising 

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“Millennials will be in charge because they will be the dominant voting block,” one person calculates. That is, if they actually vote, another commenter retorts. “If they would only realize collectively they could have the influence they want.”

Make It Happen 

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One fed-up commenter says the end to the “boomer reign” can’t happen soon enough. “Maybe we’ll finally be able to get some real things done. They block everyone because they’re so selfish and narcissistic that ANY change throws them into a tizzy.” 

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