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15 Things Republicans Are Doing Wrong, According to Republicans

To counter many Americans’ polarizing views on politics, an online forum user asked Americans to share what they dislike about their own party. Republicans gave it a shot, and this is what they said.

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Change of Plans 

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“Screaming about socialism” doesn’t work for Republicans like it used to, one person said. “This isn’t the 1980s. It’s stale and time for the party to take a new approach. Republicans need a cohesive plan and a better strategy regarding these issues.” 

2: Blame Biden 

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One Republican thinks they went too deep into the culture war and avoided a key debate point because of it. “All they [the Republican party] had to do is push that economy/inflation is bad because of Biden. Whenever someone points out statistics, they can counter with grocery prices.” 

3: Stick to It 

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When it comes to abortion, one Republican thinks many people in their party are wrong. “I believe Republicans should be consistent and be on the side of individual rights and opposed to the government imposing themselves on individual rights.”

4: Look in the Mirror 

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One Republican thinks the Republican party’s hypocrisy with the economy is absurd. “A wide base of staunch Republicans are [in the] low-income bracket [and] in need of social assistance, birth control, drug prevention, etc. and will see Bernie Sanders on the TV singing their praises while they call him a communist.” 

5: Hands Off 

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One called themselves a Republican until recently, and their biggest criticism of the party is why they left. “The Republican ideal of limited government and letting people do what they think is best for themselves is what initially drew me to the party. How can you be for individual freedom but want to have government control over another woman’s uterus?”

6: Stirring the Pot 

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According to one Republican, their party finds out the most niche, divisive things Democrats support, like transgender rights and drag queens. “Then, [Republicans] bring those things to the forefront, so Democrats have to discuss them.” 

7: No More Laws 

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One Republican thinks their party has to stop trying to legislate morality. “There are nongovernmental solutions to all those problems,” they said. “Don’t like gay marriage? Then don’t marry someone of the same sex. Don’t want your kids going to drag shows? Don’t take them to one. We don’t need more laws – period.” 

8: Be Afraid 

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One person who has voted for both parties wants to see Republicans become more inclusive and offer struggling Americans a vision for the future. “They have no positive vision. No economic plan. No overarching vision for the country. Just fear-mongering.”

9: Let It Go 

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A right-winger said Republicans have to give up on cannabis criminalization. “It’s widely popular and generally harmless, and almost nobody sees it as a terrible drug like they used to.” 

10: No Consistency 

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“Republican messaging is so inconsistent,” an exasperated Republican said. They added a majority of its members don’t have shared values. “It’s essentially a coalition of single interest voters who appeal to a party who they see appeals to their unpopular opinions sometimes.” 

11: Out With the Old 

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One Republican says in the long term, their party suffers a severe demographic issue as younger voters turn Democratic. They predict that in many states, the dam will break in the next decade, “with hordes of young voters flooding in and the absence of Republican-leaning voters completely overwhelms the status quo.” 

12: Pay Up 

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A conservative voter says Republicans have lost touch with their biggest strength: the economy. “It’s in a bubble with the high inflation rate and the rising cost of living. Focus on improving the economy and creating jobs, and you’ll regain the support of many middle-class Americans.” 

13: Double Vision

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Whether Democrat or Republican, one person thinks both parties are corrupt. “A perfect example would be how Kyrsten Sinema spoke to many highly progressive talking points. But once elected, she began acting at the behest of her numerous corporate donors.” 

14: Woke and Broke 

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“Reps are taking positions that are unpopular with a majority of people just to [aggravate] the ‘woke’ crowd,” one Republican said. “They have alienated themselves from everyone except fundamentalist Christians on so many issues that they will lose their entire base of voters by deviating from their positions at all.” 

15: Trump Troubles 

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One Republican has a few issues with their party, including the way they let Trump divide everyone so much. They also said Republicans have an “inability to find younger, qualified candidates. This seems to be the historical party for everyone old.” 

Source: Reddit

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  1. The GQP is going nowhere fast. I doubt that they make serious runs for a decade, or so. America has lost its faith in the Republican Party, for good reason. Who the heck puts up a criminal, as a Presidental candidate. It’s like the inmates are running their asylum.

  2. As a 71-year-old former Republican (Since 2017 an Independant), I am sickened by the Republican Party’s ass kissing the most disgusting person ever to hold the office of the President of the USA. Just to stay in office or to be elected to office they have endorsed and embraced every decisive policy and disgusting thing that he has said and done until they get out of office, Then, they write books acknowledging just how dangerous and crazy he is. I have always voted for whoever I thought was the best person to serve our country despite my political party. As far as I’m concerned. the only good Republicans left the party long before Trump left office. I cannot give my vote to Politician’s that sold out America for a nod from Trump!

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