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What Happens to the Republican Party When Trump Passes Away? 13 People Share Their Thoughts

When you think of the Republican party, chances are a primary figure sticks out: Donald Trump. One person admits to pondering for years what’ll happen when Trump inevitably passes away, and the internet responded with their thoughts. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.The Elephant in the Room

The Inevitable

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“Let’s face it: Trump isn’t gonna be around forever,” says the original poster in an online forum, who understands that even wealth and status can’t save a person from the inevitable. As Trump has skyrocketed into unprecedented popularity, other Republican candidates have tried and failed to find similar mainstream success. 

No Vote Left Behind 

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When Trump eventually croaks, where will his voters turn? Even if a clear successor emerges, will they be able to capture his frenzied fanbase? The original poster pondered these questions and more, and people quickly jumped in with their honest opinions. 

1: Right Under Your Nose

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One commenter says that right now, the Republican Party couldn’t care less about that. “Republicans are trying to survive moment by moment, but all their efforts are in saving their special one while the actual party collapses in many states. They will realize how badly he has screwed them too late.”

2: Read It and Weep

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Book club time. One commenter suggests everyone with this question read The Storm Before The Storm by Mike Duncan, which details the degradation of the Roman Republic before its collapse. “That is where the Republican Party is going. It’s also where America is going. I pray it isn’t so, but I fear our population isn’t educated enough to stop it.”

3: Won’t Stop the Party 

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With or without Trump, one person took to the forum to share that the Republican Party will probably keep going strong. “The GOP is now in a competitive position to take Congress and the presidency. The party collapsing should probably be the consequence of Trump, but for now, it doesn’t look like it will be.”

4: Moving On

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This commenter thinks the Republican Party will quickly move on to the next shiny new toy. “There was a time when George W. Bush as President was the core of the Republican Party.” That has since changed, and views on the former president have turned sour. “The same will happen with Trump once he’s fully out of the picture. The party will find someone else to glom onto.”

5: Not So Fast

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Commenters debated whether Bush was a fair comparison in the forum. “Trump’s support should have declined massively given January 6th and the indictments and all that, but he has a cult-like following that continues to bolster him,” observes one person. “Bush never had anything comparable to the MAGA movement. I think that movement will likely outlast Trump in some form.” 

6: Back in My Day

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One person painted a picture of what things will look like 50 years from now. “There will be boxes of Trump memorabilia and propaganda collecting dust in attics and or growing mold in damp basements. Instead of finding an SS uniform in Grandpa’s belongings, grandchildren everywhere will unbox red MAGA hats and t-shirts with silly slogans. ‘Wow! Grandpa was a turd!'”

7: One Way or Another

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One commenter says it depends on how Trump gets phased out of the party. “If he dies suddenly before the election or in prison, I think they will glorify him like Reagan. If he loses in 2024, I think they will move on from him. He will be too much of a loser to get associated with.” 

8: Train Has Left the Station

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“Trump is a symptom, not a cause,” one commenter says. “His populist, aggrieved style of politics will likely continue to dominate the GOP after he’s gone, although I’m sure it will evolve and take on a new form of some kind.” They guess something drastic would have to happen for the more moderate establishment to regain control of the party. 

9: Calls From Beyond 

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One commenter joked that when Trump passes away, he won’t actually, according to the party. “They’ll claim…he’s coming back in 2028. They’ll probably rally around Donald Jr., who will claim he is in contact with his father, hiding from the Global Elites and the Deep State.” 

10: Just a Symptom 

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Another commenter posits that many people will try to pick up the mantle after Trump’s passing. “Either one does, or it will fracture into warring factions, but being that this particular cult was born of an ideology rather than straight-up home-grown, I figure you’ll fall back on that.” 

11: Nowhere to Go 

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The old Republican Party can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because it’s passed away. At least, according to this commenter. “Old-school Republicans are now in hiding – silently going along with the party because they hate the alternative, but suffering because Trumpies make fun of them and destroy them every chance they get. But the current party has no legs after Trump goes away.” 

12: Not So United Front 

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One commenter has another name for people who hold Trump on a pedestal. “These people aren’t Republicans. They’re cult members. They’ll stop voting once he’s not around to tell them to. Lots of people will try to create a new version of the party. I’m not sure how anyone can unite them, though.”

13: Too Far Gone

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“I honestly think they will look for their next deranged grifter who will give them a target to rage against,” one person predicts. “They are way too far down the rabbit hole. The GOP has laid bare who they are and what they stand for. They need a cleansing if they want any chance of legitimately assuming power and responsibly governing again.” 

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