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15 Unsettling Conspiracy Theories That Some People Believe Are 100% True

From assassination cover-ups to alien abductions, there’s no shortage of haunting conspiracy theories. Pro-conspiracy theorists open up about the beliefs that the general public brushes off as conspiracy theories, but they believe are totally true. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Human Testing 

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One conspiracy theorist believes that the government does testing on humans unbeknownst to us. “Look at the DDT testing, the radiation cornflakes, the experiments on [people with mental disabilities], every decade they will admit to something they did 50 years ago and then say, ‘but we don’t do that anymore.'” 

2: Just for Show 

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According to one person, Congress, the President, and the leadership of other nations are “just a dog and pony show to keep us occupied and believing we have a choice.” Another agrees, “The people who really run things are not the type who are known or public in any way.”

3: Organized Crime 

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One conspiracy theorist believes criminal enterprises like cartels, supremacist groups, and more are allowed to exist by local and state authorities. “These groups offer an existing network of intel and logistics that can move money, people, drugs, and weapons, and they can do the dirty work for corporations and government without implicating them.” 

4: Public Uneducation 

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Another conspiracy theorist thinks that the people who are large and in charge have been cutting back budgets for education and dumbing down curriculum for decades. They said it’s “produced a uniformed (but not dumb!), and easily swayed population.”

5: Fake History 

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One theorist says that what we know about former President John F Kennedy’s death isn’t the whole story. Multiple people agreed, believing without evidence that the CIA took Kennedy’s life.

6: What Is It Good For 

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“War is human sacrifice,” one conspiracy theorist said. Another added a historical note. “The totem of the most successful tribe in human history requires it [war]. For its acolytes, the pandemic was an opportunity, not a crisis.” 

7: Avoidant Aliens 

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One believer thinks the government isn’t telling us everything it knows about UFOs. Another thinks if aliens were going to attack us, they would’ve done it a long time ago. “If I were a space-faring alien civilization that ran across the hot mess that is 21st-century humanity, one of the first things I’d worry about is whether that sorta thing is contagious.”

8: Inside Job

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Speaking of alien abductions, one person thinks that it’s not aliens taking people at all; it’s the military performing unethical experiments on humans. 

9: Serial Pusher 

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A Chicago native has the conspiracy theory that somebody in their city is pushing runners into the lake. “Seemingly normal people with ‘no problems’ end up floating in the lake,” they explained. 

10: Contactless Control 

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Many people use Apple Pay nowadays, but one person thinks the push towards a cashless society is a deliberate act to control us. “This is where I’m at,” another person agreed. “When has anything branded as ‘more convenient’ been for the actual benefit of the consumer/end-user?”

11: Not Going Away 

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Don’t throw away those masks just yet. “We’ve only seen round 1 of the fight against COVID,” one skeptic conspiracy theorist says, especially in “long COVID” cases. “We’re about to see an increase in cancer rates and other seemingly unexplainable immune system malfunctions over the next few years,” they add. 

12: Faux Food 

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People experiencing a significant rise in food allergies, sensitivities, and gastrointestinal issues is no coincidence, according to some people. One person believes it’s because our food supply has been “so tampered with [that] our bodies no longer recognize what we ingest as food.” They said it’s been a long-running theory that tampering with our food supply is causing many issues that we haven’t begun to understand.

13: Stay Here 

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“The government knows much more about climate change than it’s disclosing, so we don’t panic and move all at once,” one person theorizes. “I’ve noticed that when we go months without rain, none of the weathermen on TV will even say the word ‘drought,'” a 60-something said. 

14: Wacky Weather

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Another commenter said they’re “100% convinced” that someone controls the weather in their major metropolitan city. They say the weather magically clears up on every “special” day, like holidays and other significant events. “It’s something that the technology to do is available, so it just takes a wealthy person to do it. I’ve believed this for years and tell everyone. It’s too coincidental.”

15: Crazy But True 

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The term ‘conspiracy theory’ is suspicious in and of itself to one person, who thinks the CIA created it as a way to discredit and disenfranchise people who noticed what they were doing. Someone agreed. “How many times have we found out that someone shown as ‘crazy’ was right?” 

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