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15 Underrated Keyboard Shortcuts You Didn’t Know You Need in Your Life

Keyboard warriors, listen up. Fellow typing experts of the internet shared keyboard shortcuts to make life easier that you probably don’t even know existed. Most of these are for Windows operating systems, but you can also find alternatives for macOS. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Master Multitasking

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If you have many programs open for work or need to reference multiple documents, “Windows Key + D” can help. “Win+D minimizes all windows and lets me get to my reference documents quickly,” one worker said. 

2: Out of Style 

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Paste the content of your clipboard without any style or formatting by using “Ctrl+shift+v.” A grateful person responded, “Really? OMG. Where can I send you flowers?” 

3: New Tab, Who Dis 

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“Not keyboard, but pressing down on the scroll wheel of your mouse on a link automatically opens the link in a new tab,” one tech wiz said. “I use it all the time.” 

4: Reverse It

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It’s a terrible feeling when you accidentally “x” out of a tab you needed. “Ctrl-shift-t will reopen your closed tab,” one helpful commenter said. “I close the wrong tab a lot.” 

5: Hiding Away 

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When you don’t want prying eyes seeing your screen when you walk away from your computer, press “Windows Key + L.” One office dweller said, “I use this constantly, but at one point in time, I had a keyboard with a dedicated lock button. That is what we really need.” 

6: Copy That 

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Use “Windows Key + V” if you’d like to view your computer’s clipboard and see what text you’ve copied. “Very useful,” someone said. “Need to use it all the time.” 

7: Manage Those Tasks 

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“Everyone knows to press ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ to bring up a menu that you can use to bring up task manager, but ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’ does it directly,” one keyboard wiz said. 

8: Simple Symbols

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Love using emojis? Bring them up on your computer by pressing “Windows + .” One confused person said, “I read this as ‘Windows key and the ‘+’ sign.’ I did not get emojis, but I could see everything on my screen very clearly.” 

9: Adjusting Windows 

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Press the “Windows key + arrow keys” to move the window around. “Super helpful if you have a computer connected to a TV and don’t want to drag the window all the way over,” one person said. 

10: Starting Over 

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This one is slightly more technical, but “Shift+Ctrl+Windows Key+B” resets the graphics driver. “Very useful when you get the computer out of sleep mode, and one of the external monitors doesn’t react.” 

11: Finders Keepers 

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If you need to find a specific word or phrase in a document or webpage, press “Ctrl + F.” One searcher said, “I have to go through many documents at work. I had to read every single bit before I found this gem. This shortcut has been a lifesaver for me.”

12: Editing Power 

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“On an iPhone, press and hold the space bar while typing,” one helpful techie said. “You now have a cursor that you can move around the text you’re editing more precisely than if you were using your finger.” 

13: Accidental Discovery 

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One person said they accidentally discovered that using “Ctrl+Shift+M” opens up your account settings on Google Chrome.

14: Put Your Files Away 

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To create a new folder in a snap, you can press “Ctrl+shift+N.” 

15: Find a New Job 

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One person said Shift+Ctrl+Windows Key+Alt+L’ opens LinkedIn for whenever you’re having a bad day at work. “Lol, what does it actually do,” a non-believer said. “It actually opens LinkedIn in your default browser,” they responded. “I have no idea why it’s a thing.” 

Source: Reddit

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