Ubud Inn Cottages: An Accessible Hotel in Bali

When I started exploring Ubud, my heart filled with awe at its beauty, but it also sank upon seeing the steps leading to seemingly every shop, restaurant, and hotel. I wondered, How can a wheelchair user possibly visit Ubud?

Upon closer inspection, I created a list of accessible restaurants, shops, and activities. But an even bigger problem remained: Where can a wheelchair user stay in Ubud after visiting them?

That’s when I stumbled upon Ubud Inn Cottages, arriving unannounced upon noticing their barrier-free entrance. 

The staff greeted me with smiles and enthusiasm about their wheelchair accessibility. They offered me a tour on the spot, inviting me to walk through a few of their accessible rooms. 

I’m grateful to the staff at Ubud Inn Cottages who welcomed me, and I’m excited to share with you the wonderful accessibility features they offer.

Note: Ubud Inn Cottages didn’t incentivize me to write this article, so you’re receiving my uninfluenced opinion. I’m writing this post from the perspective of a non-wheelchair user. 

An Overview of Accessibility at Ubud Inn Cottages

Wheelchair accessible entrance to a room at Ubud Inn Cottages.

Ubud Inn Cottages offers approximately 30 wheelchair accessible rooms, all on the first floor. 

A series of paved paths run throughout the facility, making it easy for wheelchair users to arrive at their room, pool, and dining area.

Unlike many parts of Ubud, the grounds at Ubud Inn are mostly flat, making it easy for manual wheelchair users to navigate independently.

That said, the reservations office, which is located to the left of the accessible entrance, has stairs. However, the staff can see wheelchair users at the bottom of the steps and will meet them there for check-in. 

Accessible Rooms at Ubud Inn Cottages

Inside a room with lots of space to move around the bed.

Ubud Inn offers three accessible room categories that cater to various budgets and needs. The rooms are as follows: 

  • Standard room (double or twin bed)
  • Superior room (double bed)
  • Suite room (double bed)

All rooms have air conditioning, WiFi, a television, a minibar, and a tea/coffee maker.

A low-lying bed at Ubud Inn Cottages makes it easy for wheelchair users to get into and out of.

The entrance is flat and leads to a spacious patio and barrier-free room entrance. The beds at Ubud Inn sit low, making it easy to move in and out of a wheelchair.

All rooms offer open space and wide doors to accommodate wheelchairs.

Ubud Inn’s accessible bathrooms have roll-in showers. 

A spacious, accessible shower.

Some bathrooms have a grab bar in the shower (there aren’t grab bars by the toilet). Be sure to let the staff know if you need a shower grab bar so that they can confirm availability for one of these rooms. 

A wheelchair accessible restroom with a grab bar.

The bathroom sinks offer knee clearance in some of the rooms. If you’re not able to book a room with knee clearance, the sinks are low, and the bathroom has enough space in front of the sink for a wheelchair.

A sink with knee clearance:

A sink with knee clearance for wheelchairs at Ubud Inn Cottages.

A sink without knee clearance:

A wheelchair accessible restroom without knee clearance at the sink.

Accessible Facilities at Ubud Inn Cottages

The accessible entrance to Ubud Inn's dining area.

Ubud Inn Cottages offers a cozy environment, with various wheelchair accessible paths weaving through beautiful Balinese garden spaces. These paths lead to the rooms and a pool, which has a flat entry.

They also have an accessible dining area near the pool where you can order food from their onsite restaurant. 

Other services that Ubud Inn offers include:

  • Room service
  • Cooking class
  • Laundry service
  • Free parking
  • Pool bar 
  • Spa

Accessibility Outside of Ubud Inn Cottages

Ubud Inn sits a stone’s throw away from the infamous Ubud Monkey Forest. There’s a steep downward hill and a narrow, poorly maintained sidewalk leading to it, though, so wheelchair users will need a vehicle to arrive there.

That said, the sidewalk in front of Ubud Inn Cottages is better maintained. When you’re facing the front of Ubud Inn Cottages from the road, there’s an accessible restaurant to the left called Sweet Cocoa.

Sweet Cocoa offers a small accessible seating area in the center of its open-air cafe.  

How To Make a Reservation at Ubud Inn Cottages

The patio of an accessible room at Ubud Inn Cottages.

You can visit Prasi Hospitality, which manages a group of hotels, including Ubud Inn, to check availability online.

While it’s possible to book your room on Prasi’s website, I recommend writing or calling Ubud Inn Cottages. That way, you can let them know you’re a wheelchair user, ensuring they book you in one of their ground-floor accommodations.

You can contact Ubud Inn Cottages through the following methods:

  • Contact form: Send a message
  • Email: info@ubudinncottages.com
  • Phone 1: (0361) 976-245
  • Phone 2: (0361) 975-071

You can also read more about Ubud Inn’s facilities on their website.

Are You Ready To Visit Ubud?

A paved pathway through the outdoor hotel grounds.

Again, I want to thank the staff at Ubud Inn Cottages for receiving me unannounced and giving me a tour of their facility. 

Finding wheelchair accessible hotels in Ubud is challenging, but Ubud Inn offers an excellent opportunity for wheelchair users to stay in the center of Ubud. Their hotel has a delightful Balinese style without hiding behind staircases like many other accommodations in the area. 

If you have questions about Ubud Inn Cottages, leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to help. I’d also love to hear about your experience after your stay there.

P.S.—Check out our guide on wheelchair accessibility in Bali for ideas on things to do once you’re in Ubud. Also, reduce the risk of illness during your trip by preparing for Bali belly.

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