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15 Truths Humans Need To Accept in Life, Even When It Hurts

Everyone faces ups and downs in life. But there are some lessons that most people need to learn eventually. People took to the internet to share the truths that human beings need to start accepting ASAP.

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Can’t Control Everything 

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One hard truth someone learned is that even when you have the best intentions, you can still do wrong. Another added, “You can do everything right and still fail.” 

2: Live in the Moment 

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It’s human to feel ashamed of past mistakes. But one person says others aren’t judging you as hard as you’re judging yourself. “They don’t know about your past and are too worried about theirs. Live in the present.” 

3: People Pleaser 

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“Not everyone will like you, and that is OK,” one person reassured. Another said, “I read somewhere that 1 in 4 people won’t like you, often for no reason. Made me feel way better.” 

4: Man’s Best Friend 

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As all-consuming as your personal life is, a commenter reminded readers, “You are not the main character in somebody else’s story.” A pet owner said, “Except for my dog.” 

5: Endless Possibilities 

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Free will is a valuable thing. One truther reminds people, “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.” 

6: Pay Up 

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One person left the forum with a pearl of wisdom: “The only thing that is constant in life is change.” Some responded, “And taxes.” Depending on where you are in the world, they have a point. 

7: Too Close for Comfort 

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Regarding finances, one realistic commenter begs Americans to shift their perspectives. “Many US citizens believe they’re one lucky break from being a millionaire, not realizing they’re one unfortunate event away from poverty.” 

8: Spread Love 

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As morbid as it is, you might croak today. “Don’t forget about the people you love,” one human advised. “They will miss you when you’re gone.” 

9: Appreciate Everything 

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As much as we all wish it weren’t true, someone reminded the forum that “you can’t stop from getting older.” If that sentence sends a chill down your spine, heed this person’s advice, “You can panic about it or accept it and live with the time you are given.” 

10: Accidentally Evil 

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While we’ve already established that you’re not the main character in someone else’s story, one person said you’ll probably be the villain at some point. “No matter what’s true or false, or what you did or didn’t do.” 

11: It’s on You 

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It’s easy to point fingers elsewhere, but one realistic person said some of your problems are your own fault. “A lot of people need to read this,” someone responded. “Myself, included.” 

12: Be Kind 

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One person keeps their truth short and sweet: “Life isn’t fair, but that’s not an excuse to be trash.” 

13: You Know Nothing

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One humble human is comfortable admitting that they don’t know everything. “I am not always the smartest guy in the room,” they said. “The older I get, the more I realize that considering all the knowledge available in the universe, I know approximately nothing.”

14: Practice Makes Perfect 

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Comparison to others can be debilitating, but it shouldn’t be. “There’s always a bigger fish in the pond,” one person said. “That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try something or become discouraged.” 

15: Thanks, Mom

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“We all carry some form of dysfunction that is the product of our childhood environment,” one person said. Even if you were raised in a two-parent household that was free of conflict where your parents never argued in front of you, “You’re going to have a tough time dealing with conflict and being comfortable with uncomfortable conversations.”

Source: Reddit

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