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Trump Says He’ll Go To Jail To Save Democracy, Americans Raise Eyebrows

Trump just announced that he was happy to go to jail if that would benefit the country, but Americans are questioning his statements on every level. 

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The Speech in Question

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“What they don’t understand is that I am willing to go to jail if that’s what it takes for our country to win and become a democracy again,” Trump said during a recent speech in Clive, Idaho. 

Why He Said It

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During his most recent trial, Trump was issued a gag order to stop him from attacking prosecutors with his comments. Trump claimed the gag order violated his First Amendment rights, and his campaign hinted that the Biden administration was behind it. 

Too Cowardly 

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In response, fellow GOP candidate Chris Christie summed up many Americans’ thoughts, “It’s a complete lie. He’s a coward. The last place he wants to spend 5 minutes is in jail…No one should want to go to federal prison. It’s not a pleasant place. Donald Trump doesn’t want any legitimate debate about his conduct.”

Smells Like Fear 

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Several people seconded Christie’s statement. “Trump would crumble in jail. He’s playing the role of a tough guy here. It sounds more like fear,” one person noted. “He likely believes he will be convicted in one of his many cases.”

Privileged President

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Others thought that Trump could speak with such confidence because prison isn’t so threatening for an uber-wealthy former president. As one person put it, “I don’t believe jail would be the same experience for a former President as it would [be] for us, and so maybe he really isn’t afraid of it like you, or I would be?”

Stuck at Home

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“Realistically, it won’t happen. It would be a logistical nightmare,” one commenter said about Trump going to jail, and several others echoed the sentiment. “I think if he is convicted of something, he would likely serve time under home confinement,” another person theorized. 

Free Publicity

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Others thought that Trump would happily go to prison but not to save democracy. “He doesn’t want to go there, in the sense that he thinks he would enjoy it,” one commenter noted. “But he would gladly go there for the free publicity and influx of donor funding that would ensure. Believe it or not, it would be free marketing for his campaign.”

Rial Up A Revolt

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Some thought Trump’s motives might be more sinister than free publicity. “He might enjoy the complete revolt it causes in the country,” another person said. “I think he’s daring them to do it.” 

For Family’s Sake

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Some thought that Trump’s statements had nothing to do with his campaign or the country. “He’s acting like a martyr to save his family brand. He doesn’t give two craps about humanity. Only about his name and wealth. All about ‘me’ and nothing about ‘we,'” one person said. 

The Everyman 

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To others, Trump’s willingness to go to jail was perfectly understandable because it would make him even more relatable. “If he goes to jail, he’ll become a martyr, and instead of being seen as a billionaire, many would now see him as an Everyman,” noted one person.

Be Our Guest 

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Several commenters noted they didn’t care why Trump said what he said, but they were happy to let him spend time behind bars. “I say, please do, and stay there,” one commenter said in response to Trump.  

Face Value

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There were also those who took Trump’s words at face value. “What other Presidents do you know that are brave and determined enough to go to jail to turn this country around?” one commenter asked. 

Passionate Martyr 

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“This shows how passionate he is about the USA and how he would be willing to sacrifice so much for the good of the country,” said another. But they went on to say that Trump was unlikely actually to serve time behind bars. 

Illegitimate Case 

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Several people voiced concerns that the cases against Trump aren’t legitimate. One said that Trump was dealing with a “weaponized DOJ.” They hoped Trump would be able to appeal and get any rulings overturned, ensuring there would be no real jail time. 

Not His Choice

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Others were quick to point out that Trump’s willingness to go to jail doesn’t matter. “Trump is not getting a vote in whether he goes to jail,” said one commenter. “The judge and jury are, after fair trials, roughly four of them total.”

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