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Trump Attorney Takes Plea Deal, Americans Divided On Impact

Trump attorney Sydney Powell pleaded guilty one day before her trial was set to begin in Georgia. Americans dispute whether it will negatively impact former President Trump or not.  

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Guilty As Charged

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Sydney Powell is admitting that she, along with local GOP officials and a group of Trump supporters, accessed and copied information from Fulton County’s election systems to prove the election was rigged against former President Donald Trump. 

No Jail Time

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As part of the plea deal, Powell will not serve any jail time, but she will testify as part of the Georgia trial. Several people thought she was getting off easy. “Way, way too soft,”  one person said. “This is not a win for normal people but another example of privilege.”

Tweet, Tweet 

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The plea deal led some Americans to believe that Powell has incriminating evidence on Trump. “I think this is huge news,” one person commented. “She tried to subvert an entire election. And she gets two years probation, but the important thing is I bet she sings like a bird.”


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Others disagreed. Powell was initially charged with felonies, but those have been reduced to misdemeanors, leading some to hypothesize that the prosecution initially overcharged Powell and others involved in the case.

Sweetheart Deal 

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Many called the plea deal a sweetheart deal and thought Powell should face greater consequences, even if she has incriminating evidence on others. “I feel like this is woefully too light a punishment, even with cooperation, considering her role and the damage she did.” one person said.


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“Also could mean that as a wealthy, famous white person, she’s largely inoculated against consequences,” another person said. They believed that Powell’s punishment, while less than her crimes, still might not mean she has incriminating evidence against Trump. 

Mental Competency

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Others thought that even if Powell had a damning testimony, it wouldn’t matter given her history of public statements. As one person put it, “I think she’s probably the last person they’d actually want to call to the stand. Honestly, I doubt this nutter could pass a psych eval, and she’s demonstrated in abundance that she will say and do literally anything.”

Easy Level 

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As one commenter noted, though, Powell’s testimony doesn’t have to be in-depth to be incriminating. “If all she needs to testify is: ‘yes, this is a recording of a meeting between Trump and myself’ or ‘yes, I sent/received this message on this date,’ then there’s not much for the defense to take apart,” they said. 

Crazy Good

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A few believed that Powell’s off-the-rail tendencies might play to an advantage for the prosecution. “She’s integral to the case,” one person said. “And if she comes across as crazy, that will make the jury think Donald is crazy too.”

Contradictory Statements

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Many pushed back on this sentiment, though, pointing out that a good defense counsel will make Powell look like an unreliable witness. As one commenter said, “Whatever she says in front of a jury is going to be cross-examined by a defense counsel armed with her public statements…and [they will] point out that none of her statements are logical, and all of her statements are contradictory.”

Big Fish Bait 

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Many thought that even if Powell came off as illogical, she could aid prosecutors in charges against Trump. “I’m not a lawyer, but I think everyone agrees that Trump is the only thing that matters here,” one person noted. 

Don’t Know Her

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Others weren’t so sure that Powell’s testimony would prove Trump’s guilt even if it initially seemed to. “As far as Trump goes, well, he will just say that she was inflicted upon him by someone else,” one commenter noted. 

No Consequences

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“I remember how time and time again we heard how so and so must have flipped on Trump…and it never went down,” another person seconded.” He has still yet to face a single consequence for his plainly obvious crimes. He’s still rich, he’s still running for President, and he still isn’t behind bars.”

Conservative Win

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Some saw this as a win for conservatives. They thought Powell’s testimony was unlikely to land Trump in prison and argued that removing Powell was good for the party overall. “This is our chance to cut the rot out of the party,” noted one Republican voter. 

She’s Going Down 

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Almost everyone agreed, though, that this was the end of Powell’s career. “She will be financially ruined once Dominion and Smartmatic are through with their lawsuits. She also lost her license to practice law. Couple this with flipping on Trump, and you can pretty much kiss any ‘insider’ lobbying gigs goodbye. She will spend the rest of her life broke and irrelevant,” one commenter noted. 

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