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Tired of Tipping? How 15 Americans Handle Tipping in 2023

A former service industry worker says they’re a burnt-out tipper. So, they took to an online forum to see if they weren’t alone. Newsflash: Many folks are tired of getting iPads spun in their faces to add a few extra dollars to their order. 

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1: Don’t Get Greedy 

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As a waitress of several years, the tired tipper said they always leave at least a $15 gratuity at table service restaurants. That said, they can’t go anywhere now without being asked to leave a tip, including places where employees aren’t lifting a finger. “I feel like a jerk when I write or put ‘0,’ but that stuff adds up!” 

2: Picky Patrons 

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“I don’t tip unless I’m waited on or if I get delivery,” one equally exhausted consumer said. “I’m not tipping someone for yelling my name out across a restaurant for me to come get my food.” 

3: Earn It

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Another person says they agree with that line of thinking. “If you’re behind a counter when you give me my items, there’s no reason to tip. Tipping (for me) goes toward those who wait on me and have to disinfect the table, etc, once I’m gone.” 

4: Golden Question 

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One customer says they’ve started asking who gets the tip they’re leaving, and they got some eye-opening results. “Wouldn’t you know it, and regardless of legal issues, more than half seem to say, ‘Owner takes it all, don’t tip.’ Especially non-sitdown or, in general, small local restaurants.” 

5: Guilty as Charged 

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“They’re taking advantage of our guilt to wring more money out of us,” one consumer presumes. “They do this on purpose because we will pay them more out of guilt than we would if it was a fixed price. It’s all psychological games.” 

6: Supporting Local 

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Over 1,600 users agreed with one person who said they tip if they eat out at a sit-down restaurant with personal service or if it’s a mom-and-pop joint. “I won’t tip at a fast food place, though.”

7: Hard No

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“Lately, I have become very viscerally against tipping,” a Canadian says, sympathizing with American commenters. They explain that in Ontario, the minimum wage is the same for everyone. “But this hasn’t stopped everyone, from Uber, taxis, fast food establishments, cafes, restaurants, and yes, I’ve heard one example of an oil change service from asking for tips. Well, I’m done.”

8: School Spirit 

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One person who’s done tipping employees who don’t serve them says they were at a college football stadium recently, and they asked for a tip at the snack counter. “The guy behind the counter said, ‘You don’t need to tip because the money doesn’t go to them.’ He said the money goes to the university. Really?”

9: Money for Nothing 

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One city dweller says juice and specialty tea shops in New York City are getting relentless with their gratuity requests. “They’re taking the order and sliding me my drink over the counter. Yet the tip selections were 18%, 20%, and 28%. For a drink that’s already nearly $8? Please.” 

10: Holding Back 

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Another restaurant industry veteran who says they’ve spent 15 years as a tipped employee has to mince their words about how tipping culture has gotten out of control. “I’m not even going to get into it because I’ll rage type for pages.” 

11: All in This Together 

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One person is glad that they’re not the only one. “I was just thinking about this the other day,” they said. “I’m tapped and tired of the guilt trip associated with it. I will go with tipping waitresses, bartenders, and delivery guys.”

12: Swindling Servers 

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“I travel for work and go broke tipping these days…but am about done doing it,” one jet-setter explains. They overheard a server ask, “20% right?” and not offer any other option to an older couple next to them at dinner. “The old guy just looked at his wife, shrugged, and said, ‘Guess that’s okay.’ Yeah, I’m about done.”

13: Ask First 

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Asking where your tip goes can go a long way. “After talking to the staff at one place I regularly go to, they said the owner takes the tips, and they get nothing more than minimum wage.” Their solution? “I tip 0 at the register, and I secret them something with a sly handshake.”

14: No Tip Needed

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“No need to feel like a jerk about it,” one reassures. “Most transaction devices just have the ‘opportunity to tip’ built into them; I don’t imagine anyone is expecting a tip where no real service was rendered.” 

15: Not My Job 

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One non-tipper says they feel bad about it, but at the same time, it’s not their job to provide a living wage for people. “Restaurants really gotta start paying a living wage for their workers cause tipping is getting ridiculous.”

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