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15 Things You Should Never Ever Do in the USA (Truly)

If you’re visiting the US, it may be safe to assume that things are pretty lax. But seemingly innocent slip-ups can cause you to end up in hot water if you’re not careful. People took to the internet to share things you should never do in the States. 

1: Open Container Catastrophe 

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An American says they see a lot of international students who are used to buying alcoholic beverages and drinking them on the street. “Do not buy something with alcohol in it and walk around with it,” they warned. “Most places here have open container laws.”

2: Picky Procedures 

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“Don’t get out of the car immediately when you’re pulled over,” one commenter cautions, recognizing it’s a normal thing to do in certain countries. “Also, never reach into your glove compartment or look around your car without asking the policeman first.” 

3: Time Your Travels 

Road in Nevada.
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Traveling in the States is more complicated than taking a train from place to place. One commenter warns tourists in America to prepare for the scale of things. “I’ve seen people’s trips ruined because they never bothered to look up how long it would take to drive from Texas to New York.”

4: Beware of Wildlife 

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Don’t be so quick to cuddle up to the wildlife in national parks, one commenter says. “That Buffalo will impale your face if you try to take a selfie with it. That Moose can explode your head with its hooves. That coyote is going to steal your firstborn.”

5: Hygienic Habits 

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This may sound like a no-brainer to Americans, but unlike certain countries, throwing toilet paper in the trash is a no-no in the US. “Flush it,” begs an American.

6: Donuts Galore 

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One resident says you’ll have no problem getting your quick fix of donuts and coffee in Massachusetts. “If you pass by Dunkin Donuts, do not stop and make a U-turn. There will be another in 2 minutes in all directions.” Now that’s a “never ever” many people will happily be on board with.

7: Don’t Burst Someone’s Bubble 

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Be sure to practice leaving personal space while traveling in the US. “I hear all the time that in other countries, it’s totally normal to stand close or even be touching the stranger in front of them,” an American said. “If you do that here, the best case scenario is you make someone visibly uncomfortable, and worst case, you have someone get confrontational about it.” 

8: Oh Snap 

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A service industry worker was surprised when someone snapped their fingers above their head to get their attention. “No idea if the girl was just rude or if this is acceptable in some countries,” they said. It’s definitely not culturally acceptable in the US.

9: Stay Alert 

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Gators are abundant in Florida, and there’s no lifeguard on duty to stop you from getting chomped. “Do not go into or near gator-infested waters. Do not let your kids near or in gator-infested waters. Even if the sign says no swimming, it means stay away from the water.” 

10: Talking to Strangers 

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One commenter said that when they were recently at a gas station, a flashy tourist from Dubai rolled down their tinted windows to ask if they would come to shake their hand. “All four people at the gas pumps were staring at him. The only thing that went through my mind was that this guy was trying to kidnap me, lol.” 

11: Steer Clear 

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One commenter heeded readers about an American no-go with a simple warning: “Don’t go to Gary, Indiana.” Another commenter seconded their statement, “Just avoid Indiana altogether. Not much to see there anyway.”

12: Virginia Isn’t for Speeders 

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One commenter warns that specifically in Virginia, going over 80 MPH at all or 20 MPH over the current speed limit lands you more than a slap on the wrist. “You will get a court summons, which means you either have to appear in court or ask an attorney to appear for you.”

13: Mixed Up 

Communication issues.
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One Irish tourist found out the hard way that Americans can misinterpret common phrases from other countries. “Don’t say you’re there for the ‘craic,'” they warned. The popular Irish slang term, pronounced “crack,” is a common term for having fun in Ireland. 

14: No Offense 

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A Brit commented that in America, lots of people don’t know how to take a joke. “I noticed pretty quickly that lots of people don’t take too kindly to a gentle ribbing,” they said. “My friends from the UK and I give each other crap all the time, but it’s quite different from how Americans do it.”

15: Expensive Emergencies 

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In the unfortunate case that you need emergency medical attention in the States, only call an ambulance if necessary. “Most people don’t know there’s a huge fee for doing so in the US.” 

Source: Reddit

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