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Electric Vehicle Hesitations: 15 Things Stopping People From Buying an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles (EVs) have increased in popularity, but many Americans still refuse to take the leap. One person turned to the internet to ask what’s preventing people from buying an EV. Here’s what they had to say. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Sticker Shock

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The price tag is a big reason many people haven’t purchased an electric vehicle yet. “I’d be done with gas cars forever if I had the money for an EV,” one commenter says.

2: No Need

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One commenter absolutely loves electric vehicles and thinks many of them are objectively better than ICE (internal combustion engine) cars on the market. So what’s stopping them? They don’t need one yet. “My car runs just fine and is still in great condition.” 

3: Not Wheelchair Friendly 

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Accessibility is a massive obstacle in purchasing an electric vehicle for one commenter who uses a wheelchair. “Unfortunately, in my province in Canada, EV charging stations are standard-sized, so I wouldn’t have enough space for my wheelchair. Also, the EV charger is often blocked by bollards or on a concrete island, which my wheelchair cannot reach.” 

4: Opting Out 

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“I bought an e-bike instead,” says one commenter, who opted for an even more environmentally friendly transportation. Another did the same. “Technically, that counts as a vehicle…a vehicle for your soul, man. Love my e-bike.”

5: Secondhand News

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One observant commenter pointed out that most people buy used cars, and there’s a lack of reasonably priced pre-owned electric vehicles on the market. “It will take some years for this to happen.” 

6: Why Wait 

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“I have to laugh when I hear folks who don’t own an EV say they are waiting until EVs have enough range to become practical for them,” says one commenter, whose Nissan Leaf has made five years of ownership worth it. “Has almost 90,000 miles on it now, and year to date, it has saved me ~$18,500 in energy costs.” 

7: Not Worth It 

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Now that one commenter drives much less, it’s hard to justify a new vehicle purchase. “My fifteen-year-old Honda seems like it’ll never die, and getting any new car for 4,000 miles of annual driving seems dumb.” 

8: Too Soon 

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One commenter jokes that what’s holding them back is it feels like we’re in the “iPhone 4” level of technology and infrastructure with electric vehicles, comparatively. “I’ll wait until iPhone 8. Lol.” 

9: Electrifying Expenses 

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Another commenter says hefty price tags are why they can’t switch to electric yet. “Not enough options are affordable,” they said. “If I wanted a Tesla, I’d already have a Model Y as they seem like the best bang for the buck. Waiting for more options and supply.”

10: Charging Challenges

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Since one commenter lives in an urban area and parks on the street, charging an electric vehicle is too much of a chore. “My car might be in front of my home, down the block, across the street, a few blocks away if I am unlucky, wherever the parking spot is when I get home,” they said. “At best, I’m running an extension cord across a busy sidewalk for a level 1 charge.” 

11: Not My Style

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One commenter says they won’t buy an electric vehicle because they don’t want an SUV, and that seems to be where the options lie. “Whoever makes an affordable hatchback or van with good specs gets my money.” 

12: If It Ain’t Broke 

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One person says they still have two working cars and claims no EV is more ecologically friendly than using what you have unless they’re “real gas guzzlers.” Their next vehicle will change their mind, though. “With the short-range driving profile we have, it will be a BEV guaranteed.” 

13: Nowhere to Charge 

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Living in an apartment complex stops many commenters from taking the plunge on an electric vehicle. “Also, anything that would be better or comparable to my current gas car is too much for my budget,” they said. 

14: Yawn-worthy Options

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Though one person already owns an EV, they said the biggest factor that would prevent them from getting one is the lack of compelling models. “Cost is, of course, a factor, but I want a small-ish hot hatch type of car, and I don’t think there are any in the US. From what I can tell, the Bolt EV and the BMW i3 are it, and the i3 isn’t made anymore.” 

15: Paying It Off 

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People barking over the price tag may have a point, as one commenter says the thing keeping them from buying a new EV is that they’re “still making payments on the last one they bought.”

Source: Reddit

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