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15 Things Americans and Foreigners Love the Most About the US

The US can get a bad rap, but not all of it is warranted. Americans and foreigners alike flooded an online forum boasting about all the things they love about the Land of the Free.

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: United States of Awesome 

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“The people are awesome, friendly, and welcoming,” one traveler said about their favorite aspect of the US. And they’re not being sarcastic. “Don’t get your perceptions of American culture from social media. Get it from actually interacting in person with people. Americans are awesome.” 

2: A Little Bit of Everything 

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A well-traveled commenter said they love the gorgeous American landscapes. “I love that in California, I can ski in the mountains and then drive a few hours and be in the middle of a desert and drive a few more hours and enjoy the ocean.” 

3: Bye Litterbugs 

Olympic National Park, Washington.
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Another agreed about America’s landscapes and added National Parks to the list. “I love that they’re kept clean. After living in the southern hemisphere and being surrounded by litterers and their garbage constantly, I’m so glad to be back in beautiful California.” 

4: Free Country 

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One American knows the value of free will. “Might not be true everywhere, but I can pretty much do whatever I want whenever I want as long as I’m not bothering other people.” They added, “the millions of acres of public land I can access” as another reason they love America.

5: Cheesy Goodness 

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One person’s favorite thing about the US boils down to a simple delicacy: Grilled cheese. “And none of this ‘mozzarella and gouda on potato bread’ crap,” they explain. “Ideally, a grilled cheese sandwich is three slices of Kraft Singles between two slices of Wonder Bread.” 

6: Lights, Camera, Action 

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American entertainment deserves a round of applause, one film buff says. “American film, television, and music are pretty dang good, and we’ve been doing it well for a very long time now.”

7: Keeping It Cool 

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A European chimed in to say they think Americans are more chill and “quite open” compared to their counterparts across the pond. 

8: Endless Options 

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To a Canadian, one of their favorite things to do in the US is “browsing the variety of food in American grocery stores. It’s incredible.” 

9: Touchdown 

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“If you’re into sports, you owe it to yourself to attend a major college football game [in the US],” one football fan said. “From the hours of pregaming/tailgating to the pageantry on campus, the marching bands, and student sections, it’s one of a kind.” 

10: Innovation That Excites 

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The US is constantly pushing the envelope, according to one resident, who said the thing they love most about their country is “our spirit of innovation.” Another agreed, “Our list of inventions and ingenuities is endless.” 

11: Lending a Hand 

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“I love how passionate we are about human rights and democracy worldwide,” adds another American. “Despite our many setbacks, mistakes, and even grave moral and strategic failures, we try to make universal human rights and freedom a reality.” 

12: The American Dream 

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One first-generation American told the story of their father immigrating from Mexico, applying for citizenship, getting a job, investing in real estate, and building his net worth into the millions. “Tells you all you need to know about the land of opportunity,” they said. “Had an amazing childhood thanks to him.”

13: Go Big or Go Home 

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“Hands down, the best country for big, stupid, over-the-top things!” one visitor said. While they were getting gas in the south on a road trip, police shut down the roads, and a convoy of buses drove by. “I lost count, just bus after bus,” they said. The reason? A high school football game. “Those first ten buses were just for the band. Crazy to see in person, and so cool.” 

14: Stamp of Approval 

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An American who had an eye-opening experience when traveling says their favorite thing about the US is “how powerful the passport is.” They explain, “I was traveling with family, including an Aunt who is Thai, and it was a weird feeling to see her take longer in customs in Japan.” 

15: Try Everything 

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Not all states have to agree, and that’s what one American loves the most about the US. “Don’t like Nebraska? Give Tennessee a shot. How about Texas? Or Idaho? Not to mention, they practically pay people to live in Alaska if you’re in a desperate situation.” There’s seemingly something for everyone in the good ole USA. 

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