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16 Things Floridians Love About the Sunshine State (and 6 Things They Don’t)

For better or worse, Florida gets a lot of attention as a vacation and retirement state. These are the things people love most about living in Florida and those they wish weren’t part of the equation.

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1: The Beach, Duh

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“The beach, the beach, and the pool,” says one resident regarding their favorite thing about living in Florida. Shall we say “the beach” one more time for good measure?

2: The Weather

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Several locals commented on how much they love the weather in Florida. Contrary to what some non-natives believe, northern Florida doesn’t stay as hot for as long as southern Florida.

3: No Tax Man

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Not having to pay state income tax is a huge plus to living in Florida for many residents.

4: Good Eats

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From Cuban sandwiches to Southern-style food inspired by Florida’s neighboring states, locals say there’s a lot to love about the cuisine in Florida.

5: Trash, Be Gone

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Florida is a clean state, observes one local who considers themselves lucky to live in the Sunshine State.

6: Outdoor Living

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There’s little reason to step foot inside when living in Florida (except, perhaps, during hurricanes). Many Floridians commented on how much they love the ability to be outdoors so much, year-round. Another plus? “Being able to swim in my pool 12 months a year.”

7: Year-Round Gardening

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A Floridian excitedly shares they recently purchased a lemon tree and an orange tree to plant in their yard. “I’m so happy to have the ability to grow my own fruit & veggies year-round,” they say.

8: Shoes Says Who?

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To some Floridians, the answer about why they love living in Florida is obvious: “Shoes are optional.” It doesn’t get more freeing than that for people from the North.

9: Healthy Air

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Since Florida is a peninsula, a Floridian resident appreciates that the air quality is better than average. Of course, there are exceptions, such as “when the Saharan dust is upon us, or when they are burning some plantation or the Everglades.” Who says paradise is perfect?

10: Cool Trees

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Florida’s “palm trees are pretty legit,” observes one resident who’s likely a Florida transplant.

11: Count the Ways

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There are so many things a Florida local loves about Florida that they can’t choose just one. “Surfing, fishing, springs, and golf,” they say. “ALL. YEAR. LONG.”

12: Walkable

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Depending on where one lives in Florida, cars are optional. A Floridian says they love their walkable urban lifestyle in the city where they live.

13: Family

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To some Floridians, family is their one and only favorite thing about living in Florida.

14: Bye, Algae

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A sarcastic Floridian says there are many things they “love” about Florida. Among their favorites? “When red tide ends.” Red tide is an algal bloom that’s harmful to marine life and can cause respiratory issues in humans.

15: Saunas, No More

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The same Floridan notes that sauna-loving transplants will be able to cancel most of their sauna appointments. “Just walk outside 9 months out of the year,” they say.

16: Thinking Deep

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“I love the lifestyle and the idea of the lifestyle,” says a resident about Florida. Talk about making a philosopher proud.

Another Perspective

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Florida isn’t all sunshine and roses. These are the things people hate the most about Florida.

1: The Weather

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Déjà vu, anyone? While the weather is a plus for many Floridians, others downright detest the Sunshine State’s excessive heat and humidity.

2: Wildly Unaffordable

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Florida used to be affordable, says a disheartened local. They say moving is practically impossible financially. For those who do move, “Property taxes and insurance premiums will go up big time. You will be actually lucky to get home insurance at all, depending on the home.”

3: Scary Animals

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Alligators, pythons, oh my! Florida has its fair share of deadly creatures. Long story short? Never let your dog swim in Floridian ponds.

4: Sarcastic Nelly

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A Floridian tongue-in-cheek shares several things they “love” about Florida: “The old people, the excellent drivers, the old people that are excellent drivers, [and] the out-of-state visitors, especially on the road” are some of their favorites.

5: Ground Zero for Hate

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A long-time Floridian says the people used to be one of their favorite things about Florida. But they say that in the past approximately ten years, they’ve seen radicalization to the point where locals “hate everyone for anything. The state is like ground zero for hate.”

6: Downward Trend

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After a Floridian lists several things they love about living in Florida, they acknowledge that, in their eyes, the state is “on a downward trend.” The main culprit from their perspective? Transplants. Another local agrees. “I think it’s funny when transplants complain about other transplants.”

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