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15 Things People Hate the Most About Washington D.C.

Ah, the nation’s capital. While Washington D.C. has some of America’s most awe-inspiring landmarks, people living there share some of the city’s less-than-great attributes. Here’s what they hate most. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar. 

1: At a Standstill

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The original person posing the question about what people hate the most about Washington DC starts by saying the traffic and metro are awful. They add, “Many of the people are self-absorbed and cold. The restaurants aren’t great.” Bold claims. 

2: Tired of Traffic 

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One commenter agreed with the original poster in some of their sentiments. Others, not so much. “Traffic and high cost of living are my only complaints…but those things come with desirable places to live.” As for the culinary scene? “I gotta disagree with you on restaurants, though!” 

3: Bad Apples

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“I hate the normalization of incredible wealth around here,” one commenter said. “I don’t have anything against well-to-do people, but when it’s normal for large swaths of D.C. and NOVA where many policymakers live, it has some disquieting side effects.” 

4: Missing the Mark 

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Another commenter disagrees with the city’s traditional mega wealth claims. “D.C. and the metro area certainly have very wealthy areas, but I’m not sure I’d lump it in with ‘incredible wealth’ the way you’d find it in London, New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.” 

5: Missed Connections

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A newer Washington D.C. resident says they’re finding it hard to connect with people. “I’ve been here almost two years now, and I still don’t have a solid, core group of friends I can count on for anything,” they said. “I feel like everyone is in these bubbles, and it’s hard to break into them.” 

6: Looking for Love

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One single commenter kept their qualms about D.C. simple: “Dating!” Another commenter backed them up, “Amen.”

7: If the Shoe Fits 

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“I hate the commuter shoes,” one commenter said. “D.C. is known for people wearing tennis shoes to work and then changing into wingtips and heels when they get to the office.” It may look funny, but it works, another says. “I wish that comfy shoes were the norm in office culture everywhere.”

8: Come on In

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“Getting to D.C. followed by leaving DC” are the things one tired commuter hates the most about the city. Another agreed, “Yes, this.” 

9: Stuck Up 

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One commenter agrees that the city has a snooty elitist feel but draws the line at weather complaints. “We have very few natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, or floods, and it’s not too hot or cold. The only problem is humidity.”

10: Can’t Be Yourself 

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“Individualism is kaput,” one person says. “Too many in this area are tied into the (local and federal) government/military sectors, and it ends up boxing in our collective self.” They say it’s not for a lack of trying, though. 

11: Foodie Fails

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“The metro is a big one,” another commenter agrees. “It can be difficult to find food that isn’t overpriced and pretentious. I just want a cheapish, decent slice of pizza or a sandwich. I don’t care if it’s handcrafted artisan gourmet locally sourced blah blah blah.”

12: Try Again 

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One D.C. local says if you think there aren’t good restaurants there, you aren’t going to the right places. “I’m sorry, but honestly, when I hear this from anyone around here, I automatically think this person just wants something to complain about.” 

13: Happens All the Time 

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“Crime probably,” one person says about the thing they hate the most about Washington D.C., stating that people have internalized it to the point where it’s normal. “Acting like it’s not gets you some really strange reactions.”

14: Pollen Problems 

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Allergy season is the primary source of woes for one Washington D.C. resident. “May specifically,” they add. 

15: Stop the Hate

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One person hates that so many out-of-towners seem to enjoy how much they hate D.C. “I hate having to defend D.C. to other people who seem convinced I should hate it too, ESPECIALLY if their hating on D.C. is [due to a] ‘lack of N.Y. pizza.'” 

Source: Reddit

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