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15 Things Older People Hate That Their Younger Selves Didn’t Mind

It’s hard to imagine becoming one of the cranky older adults who wag their fingers at the youth when one is young. But older people share that they’re starting to hate things they hadn’t minded in adolescence. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Take Your Time 

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One aging person said their fuse has shortened for people who waste time. “I tolerated them for quite some time, but now I see that maintaining a good public image isn’t worth it. If someone wastes my time, I’ll just leave instantly.” 

2: Mystery in the Mirror 

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“When I was younger, I really thought I’d be cool with aging,” one older person said. “Nope. This sucks! People are dying around me, health issues, and the realization that I have far fewer years ahead of me than behind me.” Another aging American agrees. “I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror anymore. It haunts me.” 

3: Aging Parents 

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One 35-year-old has an increasingly difficult time dealing with their mom getting older. “Like such a hard time, it’s all I talk about at therapy,” they explained. They add that they hope anyone reading has had an excellent life filled with people they love. “The older I get, the more I realize that’s all that matters.” 

4: Burn Baby Burn 

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Gone are the days when one could eat all the cheeseburgers their heart desired. “I can no longer handle sour, spicy, acidic, or sweet like I used to. If it’s not sugar/salt burning my tongue or hurting my teeth, it’s the instant and incurable heartburn.” Another aging person responded, “Raising a Tums bottle in solidarity.” 

5: Cautious of Crowds 

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The older one commenter gets, the more they say they despise being in vast crowds of people. “Used to love a good festival, but now being up against others on purpose feels gross and unsafe,” they said. 

6: Listen Up 

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As we age, our ears get more delicate. One person certainly knows that to be true. “I loved blasting music at home or in the car and rocking out. Now, loud music bugs me.” 

7: Too Tired to Care 

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One older person said they can’t find the energy to engage in conflict or argue anymore. “Probably for the best.” Another couldn’t agree more, “Someone could tell me the sky is neon green, and I’d be like, ‘Oh word? Nice,’ and walk away.” 

8: Pants Problems 

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“I’m really starting to hate pants. Moo moo dress is where it’s at,” one casual commenter said. Another pants hater agreed. “I’ve started hating anything around my waist or tight fitting! I want to fill my wardrobe with kaftans!” 

9: Explicit Content 

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Songs these days can get a little too raunchy, one elder said. “I’m not a prude, but some of these lyrics today are… a lot. The older I get, the more I think it’s a lot sexier to leave some things to the imagination.”

10: Against Everything

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Everyone knows the trope of older people hating society in general. As it turns out, we all become that person eventually. “The cliché of starting to hate everything around you as the world changes and you age feels all too real.” 

11: Knowledge Is Power 

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“As I get older, I find I know much less than I thought I did 20 years ago,” one aging person commented. “Too many people today are walking around, feeling so righteous in their knowledge, and they have no idea how wrong they are.” 

12: Traffic Troubles 

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You probably could’ve guessed this, but sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic only gets more unbearable as you age, according to one older driver. 

13: Be Nice 

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“The older I get, the more I just wish we could all be kinder and more live-and-let-live,” one nice person said. They say as they’ve gotten older, they understand people better. “I can’t stand how mean people are these days and how comfortable they are being mean.” 

14: Family Matters

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One person has changed their tune around social media: They think family photos are sacred and parents shouldn’t sprinkle them around social media. “Remember when parents kept pics of their children to show just family or close friends? Now, parents use their kids as props for likes on their social media platforms.”

15: Invest Wisely 

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Whether it’s a t-shirt or a car, one older person is tired of buying things that don’t last as they age. Another savvy saver agrees. “I just want sheets [that] I don’t have to take a mortgage out on that last more than a year.” 

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