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15 Things Biden Has Done Utterly Wrong

Struggling with low approval numbers throughout his presidency, many attempt to name what Biden has done wrong. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Troop Withdrawal

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“One thing that will earn some downvotes is the withdrawal from Afghanistan,” one person said about Biden’s massive mistake, with many agreeing. During what many believed was a botched withdrawal of the U.S. troops in August 2021, 13 American servicemen and over 100 Afghan civilians lost their lives. 

2: Executive Overreach

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Another person noted that Biden has issued several executive actions to reduce firearm violence. While many thought this was a positive for his presidency, a few pointed out that it was an overreach by the executive branch. 

3: Free Choice Failure

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Others said firearm laws weren’t the only place Biden overstepped. They referenced his COVID-19 vaccine policy. “Biden’s plan was essentially just to hope a bunch of people were forced into vaccination before the regulation was struck down, and then for those people, it can’t be undone; there’s no judicial remedy,” one person noted. 

4: False Goods

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One person pointed out that Biden ran on a platform that promised a return to normalcy, but many don’t feel that that’s true. Again referencing Biden’s federal vaccine policy, one person said, “The consensus position on the left has been that it didn’t matter if the mandate was illegal so long as the outcome was desirable. It’s really hard to square that with the narrative that Biden is a return to normalcy.”

5: All Talk, No Action

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“I support Biden, but I am mostly upset that with all the talk about ‘saving democracy,’ virtually nothing has been done legislatively,” one person said, referencing January 6th. Though many American citizens involved with storming the capital have been tried, some feel that members of the House who may have been involved got a free pass. 

6: Education Expenses

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Several people voiced their concerns about the cost of continuing education. “I wish he fixed college tuition,” one person said, likely referencing Biden’s free community college plan. Biden says he will continue pushing for tuition-free community college, but many doubt that it’s possible.  

7: Subsequent Debt

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“That Biden didn’t leverage his influence to correct the Student Debt Crisis is an enormous failure in my view,” another person noted. Biden proposed to cancel $20,000 in student debt for borrowers, but the initiative was struck down. 

8: Just Too Old 

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“He’s an old man,” said one person. “Youngsters think he isn’t thinking about their future. The younger generation deserves a chance to take the reins and build their own future, and there are too many senior citizens with old thinking and limited time left calling the shots.” 

9: Railway Wrongs 

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Others voiced frustration with Biden’s stance on the railway strike. “I really really dislike that he came down against striking railroad workers, but I was unfortunately not surprised,” one person said. “I wish Biden would back unions more,” another mentioned. 

10: Immigration Mess

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Several thought Biden’s biggest downfall was in his border policy. “Take the southern border seriously,” one person said. “This issue is not going to go away. The climate crisis is going to unleash waves of migration that will make what’s happening now look like a trickle.” 

11: In-House Issues

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Others thought that the issues started at home. “His biggest miss, I think, is labor improvements for agencies directly under his control,” one person said. “Those agencies should have as much telework as possible, 32-hour work weeks, etc.”

12: Poor Partner Pick

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“I’m disappointed that his VP has become so unpopular,” one person said, referencing Vice President Kamala Harris’s dismal approval ratings. Many seconded the idea, noting that given Biden’s age, a stellar VP pick could have done a lot for him. 

13: Personality Problems

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Others thought that Biden’s biggest issue was a lack of charisma. As one person said, “He doesn’t inspire, pure and simple. It’s a combination of his age, his demeanor, and the whole ‘lifelong politician’ vibe he gives off.”

14: Economic Woes

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A few pointed out that while the economy may not be entirely Biden’s fault, he didn’t do much to help it. “The big spending bill right after all the other big spending bills was dumb,” one person noted. “[It] added to inflation at a time when everyone knew that was a problem.”

15: Foreign Affairs

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Another issue for Biden came from the war in Ukraine. One person said they wished he would “provide clarity on our role in the war in Ukraine and where our money is going.” Others thought Biden’s support for Ukraine was a major positive for his administration. 

Source: Reddit.

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  1. The list of fifteen things Biden did wrong is not accurate. Where di you get fact facts from the Republican Party. I think President has done very good job as President. He inherited a lot of problems from Trump who had no government experience. He alienated our allies, cause the problem at the border by making bad comments about Mexican’s and soon decided to build a border wall which started exodus of migrants into the United States. Trump did nothing to help this country. He has a strong hold on the Republican party. He was in office for 4 years and he screwed up. Biden works with our allies where Trump was no diplomat. Like I said previously
    created a lot of problems for this country and President Biden has to clean up his mess.

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