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Baby Boomers Are SO Out of Touch With These 15 Things, Say Younger Generations

Some people from younger generations are having a hard time respecting certain viewpoints their elders have. Is it for good reason? People took to the internet to share the things baby boomers have been struggling to keep up with in modern times. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Cost of Living   

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Baby boomers lived in an era where buying a house was often feasible if one had a 9-to-5 job. Nowadays? Forget it. Younger generations say they’re tired of hearing advice from boomers that they should prioritize buying a house. It’s just not in the “wallet” for many.

2: Old Dogs Need New Tricks 

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Many younger generations are sick of hearing tired advice for modern times. One commenter said, “The amount of times I’ve heard how easy it was to work a summer job to pay for college tuition is astounding.” They believe boomers “are beyond out of touch with what it takes to get going these days.” 

3: Easy Street 

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According to one commenter, boomers rode the wave of life to the top and are none the wiser. “It wasn’t that their generation was more hard-working than the current one. They just capitalized on America’s exponential growth the few decades after WWII.”

4: Nope, You’re Not Right 

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Many boomers take “the customer is always right” a little too seriously, according to younger generations. One commenter said, “My father doesn’t get how customer service doesn’t really exist, so whenever he’s on the phone, he just starts yelling at these people like a child.”

5: Happens to The Best of Us 

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When contemplating what baby boomers are out of touch with, a commenter stopped themselves from overgeneralizing. “I was going to say everything, but I sometimes feel out of touch once in a while.” 

6: Get With the Program 

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One commenter sees the painful irony in boomers who dish it but can’t take it. “They’ll quickly brag how they ‘pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps’ but expect hand-holding for the most trivial tasks (updating their phone, using Facebook, not giving money away because an email told them to).”

7: Butterfly Effect 

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One 34-year-old thinks boomers have set up younger generations for less than success. They said, “Boomers looked at the generation after them and thought they did a great job because Gen-X thrived. However, what the boomers seem incapable of understanding is that their decisions were going to dictate the existence of the millennials, not gen-Xers.” 

8: Check Yourself 

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Boomers are one generation that needs an ego check, according to one commenter. “They seriously think they have it all figured out and are so closed-minded on most subjects.”

9: Family Matters 

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Are you sick of your family members pestering you about kids? So is this commenter who says boomers are most out of touch with the concept “that people can have a fulfilling life without children and a big family.”

10: Placing the Blame 

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Boomers demand a little too much out of minimum-wage workers, according to one person. “They’ll never realize that the cashier in front of them doesn’t set the prices in the store they chose to shop in. Nor is it the cashier’s fault that the entire store, including the back where magical unicorns live amongst the lost stock, is out of what they need.”

11: How Ironic 

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One commenter wishes boomers would take their own advice. “After a decade of having practically everyone 20 years my senior shout until I was deaf about, ‘DON’T TRUST EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET,’ I have to spend half of my conversations with boomers reminding them that Facebook is not a source of gospel.”

12: Learning Curve 

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Many boomers don’t understand what college costs and how much it’s worth, according to several commenters. “I was always told ‘go to school, go to school, go to school,’ and actually, I’m glad I quit and started working when I did because three years later was the 2008 crash, and I would have been screwed.” 

13: Millennials (Mostly) Know Best 

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One young person seeks more trust and compassion from their elders. They argue that most “Millennials are actually logical and caring people who want the best for each other and the Earth…and affordable housing.” 

14: Not Looking Good 

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What’s the one thing baby boomers are most out of touch with according to a financially concerned individual? “How bleak everything has become, especially the economy,” they say. It might be about time for boomers to take off their rose-colored glasses. 

15: Wake Up Call 

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One commenter didn’t hold back in their critique of boomers, who they believe are out of touch with “how self-centered, selfish, and greedy they are.” The icing on the cake? “They think they’re somehow going to live forever.” 

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