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15 Things the U.S. Does Better Than Other Countries

America isn’t known for being a humble country, but there are things about it worth bragging about. From cornbread to national parks, people took to the internet to share what the U.S. does better than most other countries. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Corny Confessions

Corn field.
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One American thinks their country has a knack for turning corn into things that are not corn. “Delicious bread and explosive juice,” one responded. “A true American crop.” 

2: Get Some Rest 

18-wheeler truck.
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A Canadian from the west coast sang the praises of America’s interstate rest areas. “Clean washrooms, nice grassy areas for dogs, picnic tables, and often people selling crafts or offering free coffee.” Another added, “Those rest areas were always reliable.” 

3: Sounds Great 

Person holding an instrument.
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Nearly 8,000 people agreed with someone who said America does Jazz better than most other countries. “Also blues. And bluegrass. And hip-hop. And, by extension, most Western popular music since the turn of the 20th century,” a music-lover responded. 

4: Rolling on the River 

Mississippi River in the fall.
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One person offered “real-life lore” and explained that America’s Mississippi River is “the most overpowered transportation system on the face of the earth.”  

5: Super Fly 

Military planes.
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One person said that America does it better when it comes to ginormous floating air bases. “The U.S. has more aircraft carriers than every other country on Earth combined. Add helicopter carriers from every country, and the U.S. still almost beats everyone.” 

6: Get Outside 

Sequoia trees.
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According to one nature lover, America has stunning national parks that rival other countries. “I just did the Redwoods. It was a religious experience. I was expecting Gandalf to appear and lead me into another dimension,” they said. 

7: Bountiful Biomes 

Lake in Montana.
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Speaking of the great outdoors, another person said America’s geodiversity is stellar. “We have nearly every biome on Earth available in the lower 48 alone. Adding Alaska and Hawaii completes the set.” 

8: Ice Cold 

Iced tea.
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Sipping on a beverage in an ice-filled glass is a unique luxury you’ll find in the States, one person said. “I asked where the ice machine was in a hotel in Dublin, and the woman at the desk thought I was damaged in the head. She’d never, ever had anyone ask that before.” 

9: Smart Thinking 

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“Serious answer? Logistics,” an American said about something the US does better than the rest of the world. “We’re quite a large country, and we’ve gotten very good at moving things around.” Another agrees, saying it’s a big part of how the US has won wars. “Moving beans, bullets, and Band-Aids is something we’ve gotten really good at over the last 150 years.” 

10: Easy Cheesy 

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“Putting people on the moon and putting cheese-like substances in spray cans,” one American gloats about what the US does better than others. “Nobody else comes close.” 

11: All You Can Eat 

Pile of unhealthy food.
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Americans have a stereotype of eating a lot. So it’s no surprise that one visitor left with a glowing impression of the buffets. “No buffet I’ve had can beat the ones I had in the States,” they said. 

12: Above and Beyond 

Man looking through a microscope.
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Some of America’s most iconic museums, galleries, and zoos are part of the Smithsonian Institution, a unique gem in the States. “It is the largest organization for science, culture, and history in the world, and its contributions to preserving history and every scientific discipline are beyond measure.” 

13: Stay Entertained 

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“Say what you want about America, but their entertainment industry is amazing,” a foreigner said. An American agreed. “Except for Hollywood films,” they said. “But everything else is great.” 

14: Thrilling Fun 

Mickey Mouse waiving.
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From Disney World to Six Flags and Dollywood, one American says theme parks in the States can’t be beat. “As someone who lives in Central Florida, not too far from Orlando, I can confirm,” a Floridian responds. 

15: Offering Support 

Man pushing wheelchair.
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“While we have a LONG way to go, the USA is comparatively better than a lot of places regarding supporting people with disabilities,” an inclusive-minded commenter said. A traveler agreed. “When I went to Korea, I realized you couldn’t go anywhere without going up or down stairs. If you were a wheelchair user in South Korea, you would be in trouble.” 

Source: Reddit

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