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“They’re Both Too Old,” Voters Say About Biden and Trump

As two of the oldest presidential candidates, there are obvious concerns about Biden and Trump running in 2024. However, the media seems more focused on Biden’s age than Trump’s. Voters are discussing why that is while voicing their concerns about both candidates. 

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Biden’s Blunders

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There’s no lack of media coverage on Biden’s age-related decline. As one person said, “Joe Biden’s slow speech, a tendency to lose track of his thoughts, and to flub lines, has led to widespread accusations of senility, or at least significant decline.” 

Trump’s No Better

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But Trump isn’t exactly a spring chicken. Trump is “known for giving long, rambling replies, losing track of the topic or question being asked, giving non-sequiturs, [and] making vexing and seemingly non-sensical comments,” the same commenter went on to say. 

Minor Age Difference 

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So, why is the focus on Biden’s age instead of Trump’s? After all, Biden is only three years older than the former president. 

Need to Find Fault

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“Some people need to find a fault in Biden,” one person theorized. “Age is the easy one. Trump has so many faults, we do not need to focus on age.”

Out of Sight

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“Biden disappeared from constant public view for four years and visibly aged (as one would expect), whereas Trump being in constant view made it look less stark,” another person thought. 

Repeat Until It’s True 

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“The reason people make a big deal out of Biden’s age is because the GOP and their media machine went after it constantly, and it ended up sticking,” another commenter said. “But nobody knows that Trump is practically the same age because the Democrats and their allies don’t go after him for it.”

All About Branding

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Others thought that Trump’s confidence conceals any aging issues. “Trump’s delivery is still pretty crisp,” one person noted. “He’s saying nonsense, but it seems intentional.”

Body Language

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“Communication is multi-faceted,” another person agreed. “Tone, body movement, volume, etc are also factors. I would imagine that many would view the loud talking, very active body movements, and emotion conveyed by Trump as competent.” 

Brings the Energy 

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Another person put it bluntly: “Trump sounds more full of energy.” Several agreed that Biden seems tired when he speaks. 

Don’t Blame Age 

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Some thought blaming Biden’s age was unjustified. “Biden was famous for his gaffes and not being a good public speaker before his presidential run,” one person said.  

More Than Gaffes

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Others thought Biden’s recent behaviors were clearly age-related. “Biden stutters, stammers, slurs his speech, forgets things, makes serious speech errors with respect to names and places, has the stiff gait and unfocused eyes of an Alzheimer’s patient, and can hardly climb a staircase,” said one commenter. 

Shadow of a Man

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“Biden has clearly lost a step. Or two. Or three. Like he’s a shadow of what he was,” agreed another person. Many felt the media coverage of Biden’s age-related decline was reasonable and necessary. 

Still Don’t Like Trump

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However, many commenters made it clear that their concern about Biden’s age didn’t make them Trump supporters. “Trump is 1000x a worse person and is insane,” one person said.

Can’t Fool Us 

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Several people implied that they weren’t fooled by the media. Though the press may focus on Biden’s blunders, many said Trump was also too old to be president. 

Age Issues

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“Age is a real issue for both these people, I personally can’t believe that this is what the two parties have both chosen,” one commenter said. 

Two Old, Confused Men 

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Our options for president next year will be the same as last time,” another person said with dismay. “Two old, confused men who are four years older. I’m not thrilled about it.”

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