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15 People Share Their Opinions on THE Worst Generation

However old you are, you’ve probably heard your fair share of gripes about your generation. But which generation is truly the worst? People from Boomers to Gen Z took to the internet to share their opinions.

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Fake It Till You Make It 

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“I’m gonna have to say the Gen Z crowd,” said one Zoomer, who called their generation full of hypocrites. “It’s a generation that thinks it’s okay to be antisocial to everyone you meet. That not only should they not have to work for their living, but that they should basically be paid just for existing.”

2: Cancels Out

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One commenter says that pinning the title of “worst generation” on anyone would be unfair. “There is no worst generation. There are plenty of decent people and plenty of jerks in each one.” 

3: Raised Wrong

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One person says Boomers believe the best generation raised them, but they didn’t quite return the favor for their kids. “They raised Gen Xers and Millennials who seem to have a whole host of anxiety and mental issues as a result.” 

4: Peace and Love 

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“The flower child generation turned into total fascists,” says one person about Boomers. “Obviously, not all of them, but still.”

5: Things Aren’t Looking Up 

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One person says that every generation is full of degenerates, but the recent ones seem to be pretty bad. Sorry, Gen Z. 

6: Toughen Up 

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One Gen Zer says they’re ashamed of their peers the most. “Everyone in this generation is too problematic and soft.” 

7: Reality Check 

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One commenter thinks boomers have their heads in the clouds. “So out of touch with reality,” they said. “Out of touch with YOUR reality perhaps,” another commenter retorted. “Ever occurred to you theirs might not be the same?” 

8: Making Enemies 

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“Any generation that uses smartphones,” one commenter says, but they don’t think people are to blame. “It’s the fact that news outlets and social media make us turn on each other.”

9: No One’s Safe 

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One commenter says that many eventually see themselves becoming the jaded grandparents they thought they never would. “By the time people get to be grandparents, they are disconnected from the reality of the day and think all young people are spoiled brats and messing everything up,” they said. “It is a perpetual cycle.”

10: Just How They Like It 

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“Gen X because they didn’t raise their kids right,” one commenter said. Another responded, “Don’t worry, everyone forgets we exist and don’t pay much attention to us Gen X’rs. We’re used to it and like it that way.”

11: Taking the Blame 

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One millennial is not afraid to peg their generation as the worst. “We ruin everything we touch,” they said. “Though, to be fair, we got that from the boomers.”

12: The Kids Aren’t Alright

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One person said the “current generation” is the worst. “Gen Alpha?” another commenter questions. “They are all young children still; that hardly seems fair.” 

13: Voted Out 

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One commenter has a few choice words for their pick of the worst generation. “The clowns that voted for and have us in our current situation with corporate jerks running our country,” they said. “Time for this old generation to piss off.”

14: Powered Up

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“Bike wheel dynamos,” one commenter joked. “Man, using those to generate power for your light was okay until you stopped at traffic lights at night, and your bike lights died,” they said. “Worst. Generation. Ever.” 

15: Not That Innocent 

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While Gen X was left mostly unscathed from criticisms, one commenter thinks they’re the worst, calling them lazy grifters. 

Source: Reddit.

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