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The 15 Most Purple Major US Cities, According to Americans

It’s pretty clear which US cities, and even states, lean Republican or Democrat. But some cities have a healthy balance of both in their population. Americans took to the internet to share the most “purple” major US cities. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Deep in the Heart of Texas 

Fort Worth, Texas.
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One American said Fort Worth, Texas, is the most purple city they can imagine. “Truly the best answer here,” another agrees. They pointed to Tarrant County’s 2020 Presidential election results to prove it: Joe Biden: 49.3%; Donald Trump: 49.1%. 

2: Purple People 

Spokane, Washington.
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Although it’s not a perfectly even split, one person said Spokane, Washington, voted for Trump 49% to Biden’s 47%. “It’s a large city in a very conservative Eastern WA,” they added. 

3: A City Divided 

Skyline of Pittsburgh.
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“Pittsburgh votes blue but certainly doesn’t feel like it sometimes,” one Pennsylvania resident said. Another Pittsburg resident says they moved there a couple of years ago, and it feels super purple. “The city feels particularly charged around election time. Philadelphia is blue, the rest of the state is red, and we’re a city divided.”

4: Centrist City 

Omaha, Nebraska.
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One American said Omaha, Nebraska, is pretty purple, with 51% voting for Biden and 45% voting for Trump in 2020. 

5: Oh My Stars

Dallas, Texas.
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“If you consider the entire metro area rather than just the city itself, Dallas is pretty dang centrist at the moment,” one Texan said. “Dallas itself leans left, but its suburbs balance it out pretty evenly,” another Dallas resident added. 

6: Spread Your Wings 

Panoramic view of Phoenix, Arizona.
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While a few commenters argued whether Phoenix, Arizona, should be considered a city or a sprawling suburb, many agreed it’s a purple area. “I was gonna say Phoenix,” another person added. “Very evenly split.” 

7: Potato Politics 

Downtown Boise.
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“Boise is pretty evenly split,” one American said. “Boise people often claim it’s liberal…but it’s liberal for Idaho, which is not very liberal.” They added, “The 2020 presidential election tipped a few percent to Trump in Ada County.” 

8: California Dreaming

San Diego skyline.
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One American said the San Diego metro has a nice violet hue. “San Diego also came to my mind,” another American said. “There are both very solidly red places such as Escondido and Coronado, and also very solidly blue places such as Chula Vista, National City, and large parts of San Diego proper.” 

9: Boot Scootin’ Boogie

Nashville, Tennessee.
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Despite what you might think, a few Americans said Nashville is purple. “If you counted only what’s in city limits, it would be blue, but the minute you go into other municipalities, that changes,” one resident said. “Nashville feels pretty purple,” another added. “It votes quite blue in federal elections, but the immediate surrounding suburbs are Republican strongholds.”

10: Average at Best 

Columbus, Ohio, skyline.
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“I would always say Columbus,” an American offered about the US city they consider the most politically purple. “It is known to be the most average American city demographically, which is why it is used as a test market for products, especially fast food.” 

11: Jazzy City 

Kansas City skyline with horse statue.
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One American said the Kansas City, Missouri, area is known for being pretty purple. 

12: A Little Bit of This 

Sacramento state capitol.
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Sacramento, California, got a shoutout from one American for being purple. “Not a lot of centrist areas, so to speak, but lots of deep blue areas (Davis, Midtown) and lots of deep red areas (Placerville, Auburn).” 

13: Half and Half 

Blue bridge in Grand Rapids.
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One American said Grand Rapids, Michigan, is pretty evenly split, with a fair share of “religious nutjobs and very liberal” people, depending on where you are in the city. “It is debatably a city compared to some of the other major cities mentioned here, but it is still growing quickly,” they added. 

14: Taken By Surprise 

Highway leading into downtown Raleigh.
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“I’d say the triangle area in North Carolina [is a purple city]” an American said, referring to Raleigh/Durham/Cary. Another American, who lived there for four years, agrees, even though they figured it would be red when they first moved there. 

15: Small but Mighty 

Wichita, Kansas.
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According to one American, Wichita, Kansas, is a purple US city. “The city center is very liberal, and it becomes much more conservative in the suburbs,” they said. “It’s a smaller city, so Sedgwick County is still slightly more red.” 

Source: Reddit

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