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The Dark Side of California Living, Straight From Residents’ Mouths

Whether the hope of fame in Hollywood or sunny days in Southern California entice people to consider moving to California, some residents are urging people to reconsider it.

Money, Money, Money 

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One California resident cites the state’s exorbitant cost of living as the main reason not to move to the Golden State. Skyrocketing rent and mortgage rates, some of the highest gas prices in the country, and inflated food costs are just a few of their supporting arguments. 

Cover Me

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It’s bad enough that California has been ravaged by wildfires in recent years. One commenter complained that it has become impossible for houses in affected areas to get homeowners insurance, noting that they and all of their neighbors have been dropped by their insurance companies this year. 

Clean it Up

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Upon returning home to California after visiting family in the Midwest, one local commented on just how noticeably dirty everything seemed. From the air to the streets and even the dry landscape, California was not as picturesque as most people envision. 

Rain Issues

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One person notes that, in their opinion, one of the reasons parts of California feel so dirty is because it hardly ever rains in certain areas.

Not So Magical

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One new California transplant just couldn’t get past the number of unhoused people on the streets. Combined with a generally dirty atmosphere, they became quickly disillusioned with their new home state. 

The New Normal 

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California’s year-round warm weather may be attractive to some, but one local misses having four unique seasons. They claim that without the poor weather days, residents tend to take the sunshine for granted. 

Hydration Station 

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Of all the things they hate about California, one commenter cited the horrible-tasting tap water as reason enough not to move to the Golden State. 

Who’s Got the Power

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Multiple residents complained about regular “mandatory” power outages practiced by the state’s main power provider. One local stated that until the power company is held legally accountable, things are unlikely to improve. 

Groaning Over Gridlock 

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LA traffic is notoriously bad and reason enough for at least one resident to move to the suburbs. Though with few public transportation options available, the commute is unlikely to get any better. 

Poor Planning

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Government corruption is one of the main reasons residents cite when it comes to complaining about California. One poster blames poor resource planning by the government for the severe water shortages facing the state. 

Get Around 

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One California resident posited that if urban planners put their energy into developing better public transportation and bike-friendly cities, they could easily mitigate many of the state’s problems. While they believe these changes would make California a much nicer place to live, they’re not optimistic that anything will change. 

No Day at the Beach 

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A local argued that while California may have plenty of beaches, the most popular are heavily polluted and sometimes even unsafe for swimming. They caution hopeful California residents not to buy into the postcard-worthy picture they see on social media.

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