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THE Car That Has It All, 15 Car Lovers Debate Which Car Is the King of the Road

Quick: Which car is the cream of the crop in your eyes? A car enthusiast posed the question in an online forum, and the 700+ comments led to surprising answers.

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Defining “Has It All”

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From trim to transmission and making its owner happy, the original poster says a car with it all must truly contain the bells and whistles that make a vehicle perfect for its owner. “My ideal car would be a Type R Civic, but the price is just way too high,” they explain. “So for me, [it] would be a WRX, or new gen Civic Si… but then I’m taking the hit in power and reliability (if you know, you know).”

2: No-Brainer

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A commenter doesn’t hesitate about their preferred car. An “ideal car for me is a Cadillac CTS-V Wagon,” they say. It “has the V8 with all the horsepower, the manual transmission, RWD, and will haul stuff around.”

3: You’re Missing Something

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A Wagon lover agrees that the Cadillac CTS-V is a decent car-that-has-it-all option, but they say, “I’d throw the RS6 Wagon and E63 AMG in there too,” adding, “I’m a sucker for fast Wagons.”

4: Objectively Speaking

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The Toyota Sienna is the car that has it all, according to a passionate poster that listed eight reasons. All-wheel drive, decent towing capacity, and 35 miles per gallon due to its hybrid feature were among their points. “Objectively, those are awesome,” agrees another commenter.

5: Call Me Crazy

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“People will probably think I’m crazy,” says one poster, “but the Hyundai Genesis” is the car that has it all. Some other people supported their sentiment, with one saying, “Genesis actually puts out very good cars.”

6: Luxury Enough

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The Volkswagen Golf R is one person’s has-it-all car. They describe it as “unbelievably peppy,” a “rocket ship,” and not getting noticed a lot, which is a plus in their eyes. They also say it’s “luxury enough” with four heated seats, two cooled seats, and rear vents.

7: Brass Tacks

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The Accord 2.0 is the best car on earth, according to one forum user. Their reasoning? It’s “reliable, quick, safe, [and] efficient.”

8: Just Right

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One commenter says the V60 Polestar takes the prize as being the have-it-all car. The balance of power, comfort, and fuel economy makes it their dream vehicle. Plus, they say it’s “not too big,” adding it’s “not small either.”

9: No Kidding Here

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“I kid you not, but a Honda Ridgeline,” says a commenter in response to which car has it all. “It can pull my boat, utility trailer, seat 5 people, [and] have trunk space under the floor for tools.”

10: All About Fun

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What good is a great car if it isn’t fun to drive? A 2023 Genesis G70 owner says they “love” their car, which they’ve had for one year. “No real issues, and very fun to drive.”

11: What More Do You Need?

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“For me personally, I think a Civic SI has it all,” says one commenter. They explain, “Reliability is number 1, with the K series being the best, and they have enough power to be fun, super tunable with a ton of aftermarket, [and are] great on gas.”

12: A Plug

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A 2014 Mercedes E350 says their car is the one that has it all. That says a lot, given they “had sworn off German vehicles due to the stereotype of bad reliability.” They’ve since dropped that mentality, loving their E350’s power, backseat room, and good highway mileage.

13: Beachin’ It

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A beachside resident says they’re “pretty sure the Hyundai Santa Cruz is the best option for a beach car these days.” They’re holding their breath that sales are poor until the end of the year so they can get a great lease deal.

14: All the Right Noises

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The CT4 Blackwing is the vehicle that has it all, says one commenter. They explain it’s “roomy enough for my family, makes all the right noises, [and] is a joy to drive day to day.”

15: Seriously Off Road

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The Lexus GX Series’ “engine will outlive you,” says a commenter passionate about the car. They say it has “everything you need to go seriously off-road” and is “solid as granite.”

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