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What Is “Set-Jetting,” and Why Is It Taking the Tourism Industry by Storm?

The travel industry is no stranger to changing trends, but the current trend leaves some people thinking they heard wrong. So, what is set-jetting, and how can you partake in (or avoid) it?

What’s Set-Jetting?

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Set-jetting is a trend where travelers plan their vacation trips based on popular movies and television shows, often from social media and streaming devices. They create itineraries around plots and events depicted in popular media.

To Do or Not To Do

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According to data from Expedia, more than two-thirds of travelers have contemplated set-jetting, and 39% of those who considered it booked their trip. 

Popular Shows 

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Many travelers who’ve become part of the set-jetting trend visited destinations inspired by popular shows like House of Dragons, Emily in Paris, and The White Lotus. These shows drew over 70 million viewers on their respective streaming platforms combined.

Game of Thrones’s Impact 

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The popularity of TV shows like Game of Thrones has contributed to a rise in tourism in Northern Ireland. The series was filmed in the region and has attracted an average of 350,000 tourists in recent years. 

Word of Mouth

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Although word-of-mouth recommendations still hold weight in traveling, with 47 percent of people attributing their travel choices to friends and family, recent research suggests that social media and pop culture have a growing influence on the travel decision of young people. 

Taking The Plunge 

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The rise of set-jetting isn’t limited to a specific generation, though younger generations tend to be more influenced by the trend. As movies and shows are released more often, people ranging from Generation Z to the Silent Generation have taken the plunge and visited the backdrops that they had formerly only ever seen on their screens.

Pop Culture’s Impact

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Some platforms contribute to the increase of the set-jetting travel trend more than others. Research shows that mobile applications like Instagram, TikTok, and Instagram directly impact a traveler’s set-jetting trip. 

Breaking It Down

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Platforms were more successful in persuading Generation Z and Millennials to travel than Generation X. More than half of Gen-Z and Millennials planned their vacations after being inspired by movies and TV shows. Around 29% made their travel plans based on TikTok content, Instagram influenced 46%, and Facebook influenced 34%.


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Binge-watching refers to a person who watches multiple seasons or episodes of a show in a few sittings. More than 55% of people have binge-watched at some point in their lives, which has likely helped accelerate the set-jetting trend.

Most Binged Shows

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According to the Internet Movie Database, some of the most binge-watched shows of all time include Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, 13 Reasons Why, and The 100.

Mobile Devices

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The average person spends at least three hours on their phone daily, with reports suggesting that one in five individuals spend more than four hours on their phones. Weekdays average more screen time than weekends, so it’s no wonder why the travel trend is so popular.

Ticking Time

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Over the years, social media usage has increased significantly. The average person spends approximately 12 hours each month on Instagram alone.

Working or Not

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An average working-age adult spends approximately 2.5 hours per day on social platforms. Productivity concerns aside, that poses a huge potential for set-jetting destination wanderlust to get the best of some people.

A Deeper Look

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Recent statistics show that women tend to travel more than men, with 64% of travelers being female. This likely means that females are more inclined to set-jet.

Upcoming Trends

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As we move through the remainder of 2023, new traveling trends are sneaking into the tourism industry. The latest travel trends include exploring lesser-known destinations, seeking out the local cuisine, and prioritizing mental and physical health on vacation with the “Wellness Wave” trend.

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