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Land of the Safe: 15 Least Dangerous Cities in the US

The Land of the Free no longer feels as safe as it once did, with mass shootings making headlines. So, if you’re planning on vacationing in the US, consider visiting one of the 15 safest cities in the nation.

Show Me the Numbers 

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A 2022 report by WalletHub compared 182 US cities across 42 safety metrics in three categories: home and community safety, natural disaster risk, and financial safety. Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, with 100 representing the top score. Each city’s average score was taken, then ranked to determine the safest cities in the US. 

1: Columbia, Maryland 

View of a lake in Columbia, Maryland.
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Centrally located between Baltimore and Washington, DC, Columbia’s charming tree-lined streets, unique villages, and gorgeous natural surroundings make it an ideal vacation destination any time of year. Not only did the Maryland town secure a WalletHub safety score of 85.99 out of 100, but it also snagged the top spot in the home and community safety category. 

2: Nashua, New Hampshire

Brick buildings in downtown Nashua.
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With both an extensive network of hiking trails and a resident symphony orchestra, Nashua is a holiday haven for nature lovers and culture vultures alike. And with a safety score of 84.44 out of 100, travelers can easily explore those winding trails.  

3: Laredo, Texas

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Perched on the US-Mexico border, Laredo earns a third place on WalletHub’s list with a safety score of 83.96 out of 100, plus the number four spot in the home and community safety category. The south Texas town is a prime destination for families, as it’s home to The Imaginarium of South Texas and the Laredo Safari and Adventure Park. 

4: Portland, Maine 

A lighthouse in Portland, Maine.
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Lobster lovers can rejoice knowing that Portland, Maine earned an impressive safety score of 83.49 out of 100. The trendy seaside town scored well in all three categories, providing peace of mind to would-be travelers searching for a blend of history, hiking trails, and heavenly seafood. 

5: Warwick, Rhode Island 

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With 39 miles of scenic coastline to explore, Warwick, Rhode Island, is an ideal vacation destination for travelers looking to escape the bustle of city life. A safety score of 83.19 out of 100 adds to the charm of this historic seaside city. 

6: Yonkers, New York

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Also boasting a safety score of 83.19, Yonkers slides in just behind Warwick at number six due to slightly lower scores in the natural disaster risk and financial safety categories. That’s still a big win for New York’s fourth-largest city. And with gorgeous green spaces and a scenic riverside location just two miles from Manhattan, Yonkers is well worth a visit.

7: Gilbert, Arizona 

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With year-round sunshine and a safety score of 82.04 out of 100, Gilbert should rank high on any vacationer’s bucket list. Impressive scores in both the home and community safety and natural disaster risk categories mean peace of mind for travelers arriving to hike and bike or play a round of golf. 

8: Burlington, Vermont 

Downtown Burlington at night.
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Small-town charm is epitomized in Burlington with a safety score to match. Coming in at number eight on WalletHub’s list, the tiny town on the shores of Lake Champlain earned 81.90 out of 100. 

9: Raleigh, North Carolina 

Highway leading into downtown Raleigh.
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North Carolina’s capital claims a noteworthy spot on WalletHub’s list, scoring 81.46 out of 100 with a respectable home and community safety score. Impressive museums and a vibrant food scene make Raleigh a delightful destination any time of year. 

10: Lewiston, Maine

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Maine’s second-largest city earned a safety score of 81.40 out of 100, partly due to a low crime rate and recent economic growth. However, Lewiston’s tree-lined hiking trails and slew of annual festivals likely keep travelers coming back year after year. 

11: Juneau, Alaska

Old colorful buildings in Juneau.
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Home to glaciers, museums, and breathtaking mountain views, Juneau weighs in at number 11 on WalletHub’s list with a safety score of 81.39 out of 100. Alaska’s capital also took first place in the financial safety category, which can correlate to a lower crime rate. 

12: Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

Skyline of Winston-Salem.
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Southern heritage meets big-city energy in Winston-Salem. While the city has grown rapidly in recent years, its safety score of 81.03 out of 100 proves that the vibrant metropolis still retains its small-town charm. 

13: Madison, Wisconsin 

View of downtown Madison.
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From classic architecture to quirky attractions like the National Mustard Museum, Madison hits the mark for an off-the-beaten-path vacation destination. And with a safety score of 80.92 out of 100, Wisconsin’s capital is as inviting as it is unique. 

14: Bismarck, North Dakota 

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A beloved zoo and impressive state museum help make Bismarck an ideal vacation destination for families. It also doesn’t hurt that North Dakota’s capital earned a safety score of 80.51 out of 100. 

15: South Burlington, Vermont 

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Boasting a safety score of 80.25 out of 100, South Burlington’s small-town feel is just the tip of the charming iceberg. Bike rides along the lake, fresh farm food, and historical museums are just a few of the delights travelers can expect to enjoy. 

Where to Travel this Summer

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According to WalletHub’s findings, the Northeast is the safest region for travelers, with cities in Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island all earning spots in the top 10. Statistically speaking, these cities are safer than other popular US destinations, like St. Louis (42.81), Ft. Lauderdale (48.78), and Los Angeles (60.75). 

What About My City?

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WalletHub didn’t include every city in America in their data. Instead, they compared the 150 most populous US cities plus at least two of the most populated cities in each state to rank the safest cities in the US. 

Something to Note

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While WalletHub’s research is thorough, the data used to compile this list only extends through mid-2022. Travelers should use their best judgment when planning a trip.

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