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America’s Rudest States Ranked From 1 to 50: Where Does Yours Fall?

Stephanie Tanner’s iconic “How rude!” line from the 1987 sitcom Full House is a phrase Americans may use more than originally thought. Zippia crunched the numbers, discovering that some states ooze sweetness while others could use a lesson in turning lemons into lemonade.

Determining Rudeness

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Zippia analyzed data from the following four categories to determine the rudest states in America:

  • Rude drivers
  • Average tipping amount
  • Perception of rudeness among residents from other states
  • Amount of cursing when speaking with customer service agents

#1: Rhode Island

A lighthouse in Rhode Island.
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Rhode Island may be beloved for its seaside towns, but visitors don’t seem to feel the same about its residents. A massive 42% of people reported that they perceive Rhode Islanders to be ruder than other Americans, landing it as the rudest state in the US.

#2: Massachusetts

Lighthouse at Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.
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Massachusetts shares Rhode Island’s statistic of 3.1% of its population having rude drivers. The Bay State isn’t an ideal place to be a service worker, for tipping is at a mediocre 15%.

#3: Virginia

Blue Ridge Parkway.
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Visitors to Virginia would be wise to steer clear of driving. A whopping 5% of drivers exhibit rude behaviors, including illegal passing and tailgating. That’s the worst driving statistic of all 50 states, landing it as the third rudest state in America.

#4: New York

New York City skyline.
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Many people may have expected New York to take the number one spot on this list, especially with 30% of Americans perceiving New Yorkers as ruder than those in other states. Nevertheless, New York’s 15.6% average tipping rate helps to offset this.

#5: California

An oceanside road in Central Coast, California.
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California marks the first rudest state that doesn’t call the northeast home. The Golden State ranks moderately to poorly in rudeness perception, average tip, and percentage of rude drivers.

#6: Washington

View of Tacoma Washington.
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A large 3.1% of rude drivers contribute to the Evergreen State’s ranking as one of the rudest states in the US. Luckily for service workers, its residents are relatively more generous with their wallets, tipping an average of 16.3%.

#7: New Jersey

Pier in Atlantic City.
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Thirty-four percent of Americans view New Jerseyans as rude. It doesn’t help that 3.6% of New Jersey’s residents have rude driving behaviors.

#8: Utah

Zion National Park.
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Although Utahns are often pleasant on the surface, customer service employees report seeing a different side when the going gets tough. They rank as the fifth-worst state for swearing at customer service representatives.

#9: Illinois

River in Chicago.
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Illinois mostly follows the crowd of the top ten rudest states in the US. They have a higher-than-average rate of people perceiving them as rude and a rude driver rate of 3.1%.

#10: Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio skyline.
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Ohio is an unpleasant place to drive, according to data that shows 4.3% of Ohio residents practice rude driving behaviors. Even its higher 16.7% tip rate, the highest up to this point, didn’t help it get out of the unwanted top ten.

#11: Connecticut

Hartford skyline, Connecticut.
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The Nutmeg State has much to boast about in the driving department, for only about 2% of its drivers are considered rude. Nevertheless, it falls below the national average for other rudeness factors.

#12: Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland skyline.
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Maryland is tied with Connecticut for its percentage of rude drivers and a 15.9% average tipping rate. Tourists hoping to try the Free State’s blue crab might be better off eating it elsewhere.

#13: Wyoming

Road in Wyoming.
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Wyoming is a mixed bag. Its 16.8% tipping average is one of the highest in the US. However, horn honking and other rude behaviors on its roads are common; a massive 4% of its residents have rude driving habits.

#14: Oregon

Oregon coast.
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A relatively lower percentage of rude drivers keeps Oregon in 14th place, given that Oregonians are worse tippers than Wyomingites by 0.4%.

#15: South Dakota

Road through countryside in South Dakota.
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Approximately 3% of South Dakotans have rude driving habits. Luckily for The Mount Rushmore State, the rest of the US doesn’t see South Dakotans as a super rude bunch.

#16: Wisconsin

View of downtown Madison.
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Wisconsin is tied with South Dakota in its rudeness ranking. It has the same percentage of rude drivers, though it deviates positively from South Dakota in being slightly better at tipping. Nevertheless, many Americans view Wisconsinites as rude.

#17: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania farm in the fall.
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Residents from the Keystone State tip their waiters and waitresses a respectable 16.7%. Pennsylvania’s roads are also more pleasant for driving, given that only about 2% of its population are rude drivers. That said, Pennsylvanians swear at customer service a decent amount and need to improve their overall rudeness perception.

#18: Florida

A stretch of sand at Miami Beach.
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Florida is the first of three states tied for 18th to 20th place. Of the three states, it has the lowest percentage of rude drivers, at around only 2%.

#19: Georgia

Live oaks hanging over a road in Savannah.
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Georgia shares Florida’s 16.4% tipping average. However, it has about double the number of rude drivers on the road. Based on how many New England states rank high in rudeness, it’s unlikely snowbirds contribute to Florida’s lower driving rudeness.

#20: Iowa

Farm at sunset in Iowa.
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Iowa is the third state to tie with Florida and Georgia. It shares Georgia’s poor 4% ranking for rude drivers. However, it’s the first state on this list to reach a generous 17% tipping average for service workers.

#21: Michigan

Detroit skyline.
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Michigan has a 16.8% tipping average, and only about 2% of its population are rude drivers. Unfortunately for the Wolverine State, it didn’t secure a spot lower in this ranking due to relatively poor numbers for the amount of cursing at customer service agents and perceived rudeness.

#22: Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tennessee skyline.
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Tennessee’s tipping average of 15.9% is significantly lower than the states surrounding it in the rankings. But given that only about 2% of its residents display rude driving behaviors, and it ranks well for Zippia’s other metrics, it didn’t get placed higher on this list.

#23: Alaska

Road in Alaska framed by mountains.
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Alaska is a great place to work in customer service, given its 17.1% average tipping rate. That said, 3% of its population are rude drivers, and enough Americans view Alaskans as rude to keep them towards the middle of this list.

#24: Colorado

Skiers on Vail Mountain, Colorado.
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Colorado’s 16.6% tipping rate sounds relatively low at this point. However, approximately 3% of their drivers are rude. That said, Coloradans don’t have the worst potty mouths relative to residents in many other states.

#25: Idaho

Sawtooth Mountain with a farm foreground.
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Idaho has the highest tipping average in the entire US, at a rate of 17.4%. So, why did Zippia rank it in the middle? It turns out Idahoans aren’t pleasant drivers to be around, with a rate of 4% rude drivers.

#26: Nevada

Valley of Fire road.
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Nevada is another state that takes a first on this list; it’s the first state with only 1% of its residents being classified as rude drivers. Its tipping rate is also a respectable 16.6%. Unfortunately, Nevadans are perceived as rude enough and swear frequently enough to customer service agents that they didn’t earn a lower spot in this ranking.

#27: Kansas

Kansas wheat field.
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Kansas is a solid middle-of-the-road US state for rudeness. It has a higher-than-average rude driver rate of 3%, but it ranks decently in the other rudeness categories.

#28: Indiana

Barn in the U.S.
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Indiana is slightly above average for the national rate of state rudeness. It has respectable numbers in both the percentages of rude drivers and average tipping rates (2% and 17.1%, respectively).

#29: Hawaii

Convertible with a surfboard.
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The Aloha State’s low perceived rudeness and lack of swearing when speaking with customer service agents help it rank relatively favorably. However, it has a cringe-worthy average tipping amount of 14.8%. Interestingly, 60% of Hawaiians believe their state is more polite than other states in the US.

#30: Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri skyline.
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Missouri is the first of three states to tie in places 30th to 32nd. Of the three states, it has the lowest average tipping percentage and a moderate 2% of rude drivers.

#31: New Mexico

Dirt road in New Mexico.
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Only 1% of New Mexico residents are considered rude drivers, and it has an above-average tipping rate of 16.9%. Unfortunately, New Mexico doesn’t rank as well for perceived rudeness and customer service communication.

#32: North Dakota

Mountains in North Dakota.
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North Dakota’s 3% of rude drivers isn’t a pretty look. But with a 16.8% average tipping rate and decent numbers in the perceived rudeness and not swearing at customer service categories, it enjoys an above-average ranking for not being among the rudest states in the US.

#33: Montana

Yellow wildflowers in a field.
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Americans view residents of Montana to be less rude than in many other states. Only about 2% of residents in the Treasure State lay on their horns, cut people off, and display other rude driving behaviors.

#34: Oklahoma

Route 66 sign.
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Oklahomans are generous with their tipping, giving servers an average tip of 16.8%. They also fall in the median for the number of rude drivers on the road.

#35: Texas

Road in Texas.
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Zippia’s rudeness data supports the phrase, “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” assuming friendly people are the “bigness” one refers to. Texas residents tip a decent 16.6%, and they score decently in Zippia’s other rudeness categories.

#36: Arizona

A cactus in Arizona.
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Arizonans are the second-highest tippers in the US, with an average tip rate of 17.3%. Furthermore, only about 2% of their residents are rude drivers.

#37: New Hampshire

Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
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New Hampshire stands out on this list for having little rudeness compared to many states near it. With only moderate driving rudeness, the Granite State may be a good choice for your next road trip.

#38: West Virginia

A bridge in West Virginia.
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West Virginia ties with Arizona for its residents tipping a generous average 17.3% amount. The Mountain State is also one of only three states so far to have a low 1% of rude drivers.

#39: Nebraska

Covered wagon in Nebraska.
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Nebraska’s 3% of rude drivers doesn’t bode well for the state. But given that it doesn’t have a ton of residents who swear at customer service agents and a low perceived rudeness, the Cornhusker State ranks decently.

#40: Alabama

Alabama cotton field.
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Alabama is one of three states to tie in 40th to 42nd place. The Cotton State has a decent tipping rate of 16.6% and low perceived rudeness.

#41: Delaware

A river in Delaware in the fall.
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Delaware has larger swings than Alabama despite these states’ similar rankings. It has a massive 4% driving rudeness rate, similar to several northern states. That said, its residents tip servers an average of 17.2%.

#42: Maine

Houses on a pier.
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Maine puts Delaware to shame, with only 1% of its population being rude drivers. It tips an average of 1.2% less than Delaware, although its perceived rudeness and relatively few swear words spoken to customer service agents help it steer clear as among the rudest states in the US.

#43: Louisiana

State capital Baton Rouge.
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Louisiana is the 8th least rude state in the US. It ranks above average in all rudeness categories, offering tourists on the fence a reason to visit the Pelican State.

#44: Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota skyline.
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Minnesota’s 16% tipping average is relatively poor for its respectable spot on this list. But it ranks well in all other rudeness categories.

#45: South Carolina

Downtown Charleston.
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The perception of southern charm bodes well for South Carolina, for it ranks low for other Americans perceiving South Carolinians as rude. Its residents also tip a generous average of 16.7%.

#46: Kentucky

Horses on a farm in Kentucky.
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Kentucky shares the same rate of rude drivers and tipping average as the number one least rude state on this list. So, why does it rank in 46th place instead of 50th place? It turns out Kentuckians can sometimes have a potty mouth with customer service agents, and other Americans don’t always view them as the least rude in the nation.

#47: Vermont

A view of the Montpelier skyline.
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A heartwarming 1% of drivers in Vermont are rude, according to Zippia’s findings. Despite having a relatively low tipping rate of 16%, residents in the Green Mountain State ranked well in the other rudeness categories.

#48: North Carolina

Blue Ridge Mountains.
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North Carolinians don’t display a lot of rude behaviors, according to Americans. The state also has some of the fewest rude drivers and the highest tipping averages in the nation.

#49: Arkansas

Mount Magazine State Park viewpoint.
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Arkansans are the second-least rude residents in the US. While Arkansas has a moderate 2% rate of rude drivers, it ranks high in all other categories.

#50: Mississippi

Mississippi River in the fall.
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The nickname “Magnolia State” may be enough to elicit the perception of non-rudeness among out-of-staters. Mississippi residents excel in the categories Zippia analyzed, making it the best state in the US for travelers wanting to avoid rudeness.

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Upset blonde woman.
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Rudeness can stem from being in a hurry, under stress, or emotional turmoil, among others. According to one study, 7.8% of Americans have an intense, inappropriate, or poorly controlled anger problem.

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