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Total Rip-Offs That People Love Anyway

It’s a classic American move to spend your hard-earned cash on things you don’t need. One person asked the internet to share something that is a complete rip-off, but people love and buy anyway. You may recognize a few. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: If the Shoe Fits 

Baby shoes.
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One commenter said the biggest rip-off is name-brand shoes for newborns and babies. Another commenter wholeheartedly agreed, “Never understood those. I mean, your baby isn’t even going to use them!”

2: Meaningless Minis 

Almond Joy bars.
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“Regular things…but mini version,” says one commenter. Someone responded and said, “But they’re so cute!” They quipped back, “I didn’t say I didn’t love buying them!” 

3: Wing Dinged 

Pile of chicken wings.
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One aggravated eater said chicken wing prices have become astronomical. Plenty of commenters agreed. “I went to a BBQ place yesterday and forked out $16 for 10. They didn’t have a price listed, so I just assumed it wouldn’t be bad. I’m never ordering wings from a restaurant again.” 

4: Costly Collection 

Money inside a ripped jean pocket.
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Collecting trading cards is a costly hobby, according to one person. “I should know, considering I buy them. They’re fun to collect. But wow, do they rip you off.”

5: Drink Up 

Pouring water into a glass.
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“Bottled water is the first thing that comes to mind,” one commenter says. Another agrees and blames it on the pricier brands. “Specifically, those expensive ones like Fiji. It’s water; how much better could it possibly be?”

6: Not So Smart Spending 

Woman holding a credit card.
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“Designer anything,” one commenter says. After their wife bought a new-with-tags $4,000 designer dress for $180 secondhand, they have one thing to say. “That’s a beautiful dress for $180, but the person who spent $4k on it is a moron.”

7: Somebody’s Watching 

Funko Pop figurines.
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One commenter said the biggest rip-offs are the popular Funko Pop figurines. Another spooked commenter says, “The idea of shelves of Funko Pops cluttering my home, gathering dust, just sitting there… watching me. It stresses me out.”

8: Rotten Apple

Surprised woman looking at a cell phone.
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They may be popular, but that doesn’t stop one commenter from saying iPhones are a rip-off. They’re not alone; another commenter said, “There is so much truth in this. iPhones are absolutely garbage, made from garbage materials, and are nothing but a fad.” 

9: Roasted 

Woman holding coffee.
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One commenter says buying coffee-to-go is a no-no for your wallet. “Yes, it’s a convenience thing, but even at $2.50 for a crappy cup of coffee at Starbucks, you can make a gourmet cup at home for roughly $0.75 a cup, and that’s me being conservative.”

10: Stick to the Status Quo 

Man holding an empty wallet.
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According to this commenter, trends, especially in home decor, cause wallet woes for no reason. “I know people who redo their entire house every few years, including appliances, and change their decor every year for the holidays,” they said. “Such a waste of money.”

11: Expensive Eats

Woman eating popcorn.
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Everything that movie theaters sell is a rip-off to one commenter. “I like pro-grade popcorn, chocolate, and a Coke to watch a movie, but I feel bad paying two or three times the ticket price for it.”

12: Feeding You Lies

Basket of apples.
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Whole Foods lovers, close your eyes. One commenter said organic food is a rip-off. “It’s not healthier or more nutritious and often uses more ‘chemicals’ than conventional, all while costing more and requiring more arable land (of which we’re running out) for equivalent yield.”

13: Waste Not 

Paper towel.
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One American says paper towels are like a luxury. “A lot of the world correctly views them as a wasteful expense and uses washable cotton towels, etc. instead. They’re crazy expensive and almost addictive.”

14: Faux Price Tags

American flag with money.
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“Luxury leather goods,” one commenter says. “Specifically French/Italian brands. Like $300 for a cardholder? It clearly says ‘cow leather,’ not kangaroo, Puma, or something exotic. It’s just Cowhide.” They continue, “PS – I own one of those overpriced cow leather card cases.”

15: Chilling Costs 

Icee drinks.
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One commenter did the math on why Icees aren’t worth it. “They are 90% air—a 20 Oz. Icee costs less than 10 cents to make (cup, lid, straw included) but sells for over $1. That’s more than a 1000% mark-up.”

Source: Reddit

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