15 Pros and Cons of Living in Texas

You know what they say, everything’s bigger in Texas. Many folks are flocking to big cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston, but is the Lone Star State worth it? One East Coast couple asked the internet, “What would you tell a young couple considering a move to Texas?” 

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1: Next Door Nightmare 

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“Pros: The neighbors,” says one commenter, who believes the Texan community is a plus for those looking to move. As for a con? “Those neighbors.” 

2: Crazy Climate 

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One person, who just moved to Texas two months ago, says the “bipolar” weather is driving them crazy. “My car is literally a closet of clothes just for the day.” Another commenter describes the weather pattern well, “Nine months of summer and three months of indecision.”

3: Too Close for Comfort 

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One Texas driver pointed out a con on the road: “LOTS of lifted trucks riding close to your car while driving.” Another commenter seconded their response. “Like, a seriously unreasonable number of lifted trucks.”

4: Keep Austin Weird 

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One metro Austin local says they love where they live. “People are generally nice and polite. Not too many rednecks comparatively. Pretty decent food scene that’s getting better and better.” As for cons, they pointed to overcrowding, high prices, and a low inventory of houses. 

5: Big H-Town Fan 

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One Houston local loves how cheap it is to live downtown compared to Dallas or Austin. “Lots to do. Lots of clubs and bars. We have basically all sports but hockey, and lots of stores, and definitely lots of restaurants,” they said. “It’s perfect to save money and be entertained.” 

6: It Is What It Is 

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One commenter keeps it simple with their pros and cons: “That it’s Texas.” Another commenter agrees. “This right here summarizes the biggest pro and con very succinctly.” 

7: No Place Like Home 

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Another Austin local speaks on the scene. “It’s hot in the summer, and traffic is pretty bad. People are decent, the food is good, music is great, and the outside activities are really good.” As for some downsides? The “politics are very tiring, [and] drivers, when there is a little rain or ice, pretty much lose their minds.” 

8: Foodie State 

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“Texas has a lot to offer a lot of different types of people,” says one commenter. “It also has a lot more job opportunities given its size/population.” Their number one pro? “The food. I’ve lived in several states and always eat the best in Texas.” 

9: Hot and Humid 

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One commenter has lived all over the country but still chose to settle down in Texas. “PROS: Lots of job opportunities for those who want to work. There’s plenty of land, fish and game. Being self-sufficient is important to Texans.” However, the weather is a challenge for them. “SE [Southeast] Texas is hot and muggy.” 

10: Making an Escape 

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One Texan thinks the low cost of living in some parts of Texas is due to the government cutting corners. “There are very few streetlights in my neighborhood, and people are always complaining about their cars being broken into.” They’re not staying long. “As soon as my kids graduate, I’m going back to Pennsylvania.”

11: Changing Their Mind 

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Another Texan warns that every person they know who came from the Northeast eventually moved back. “It is a different world. People have different personalities. There are wonderful people in Texas; it all depends on where you live and what you’re looking for, but it will be a major culture shock.”

12: Bigger in Texas

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Among the list of cons for one Texan were “roller coaster” property taxes, massive income disparity, rude drivers, crappy senators, and more. As for pros? “Huge American flags, neighbors, state parks.” 

13: Some Good, Some Bad 

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According to one commenter, you’ll find beautiful landscapes, wide open spaces, great food, and a cultural melting pot of arts & music in Texas. On the other hand, the current political landscape, lax corporate regulation, lack of safety net for the underprivileged, and poor public school system, among others, are a cause for concern. 

14: True Colors 

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One Texan thinks the biggest con of living there is that everything is privatized. Aside from that, they describe Texas as being “decent.”

15: Strange Shoppers 

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One commenter says the farther away you get from the big cities, the kinder people are. But to them, a con of living in Texas is the people you’ll find in Walmart. “People of Walmart should really be named Texas People of Walmart.” 

Source: Reddit

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