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The Most Painful and Profound Truths People Have Learned the Hard Way

Even the best lives have tough moments, and learning a lesson or two along the way is inevitable. People with newfound wisdom took to the internet to share the most painful and profound truths they learned the hard way. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Inner Peace 

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One person says their profound truth came from a Buddhist saying: “Before enlightenment – chop wood, carry water; after enlightenment – chop wood, carry water.” Essentially, life’s challenges are a constant. 

2: You’re on Your Own, Kid 

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The hard truth one person learned is that no matter how much your world crumbles around you, no matter what horrific things happen to you or your loved ones, no one cares. “Life continues to go on for everyone around you,” another person added. “You are insignificant.” 

3: Heartfelt Truths 

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Sorry, John, Paul, George, and Ringo, one person thinks love isn’t all you need. “Love doesn’t conquer all,” they said. “My inner hopeless romantic and my inner pragmatist are in continual battle.” 

4: All About Me

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One person admits to being a little self-centered, just like everybody else. They learned one of the hardest truths: “Most people, including myself, are pretty selfish.” 

5: Wish Upon a Star

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“The day I stopped wishing I were older was the day I started wishing I was young again,” one person realized a bit too late. 

6: Big Fat Liars 

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“How often we all lie,” one human said about a hard life truth they’ve learned. “Not so much the major lies, just all the little half-truths and ‘polite’ lies that seem to make up most of what we say.” Another person agreed. “I wonder how many little lies we say a day (and how many of us are lying to ourselves).” 

7: All for Nothing 

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The most painful truth one person learned is that they figure they’ll never amount to anything, at least online. “I am almost invisible on the internet, and I’ve been using it since 1991,” they said. 

8: Old vs Young 

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“Youth is wasted on the young,” one older person said. A younger person retorted, “And wisdom is wasted on the old.” 

9: Happens to Everyone 

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Death is one of life’s unavoidable hard truths. One person was having a hard time with that unquestionable reality. “I am one day not going to be alive & I don’t know when that will occur,” they said. 

10: Nothing Matters 

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“Everything, absolutely everything, is insignificant in the huge scope of things,” one person said about a painful truth. “Pleasure is just an artificial release of chemicals in my brain. I am just a big chemical equation, no more and no less.”

11: Rule Followers 

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One person keeps it simple with the tough truth they learned the hard way: “If you play by the rules, others will win.”

12: You Got This 

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“Mom and Dad can’t always be there to bail you out of trouble, nor can your friends or your significant other,” one truther said. “Sometimes, the only person capable of helping you through a difficult situation is yourself.” Not all hope is lost, though, “The silver lining? You CAN.” 

13: It’s My Life 

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One intuitive person discovered the profound truth that life as they know it is a self-constructed worldview through their lens. “No one sees life the same way I do because they have their own lenses, constructions, and worldviews based on their perceptions, and that is ok.” 

14: Smarty Pants 

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Being street smart has its benefits, one person realized. “Social competence is far more important than technical competence.” 

15: Looking for Love 

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According to one hopeless romantic, we’re all lonely creatures constantly seeking companionship, approval, and love. “Whether we want it to be true or not, those we love most have the most power to shatter our happiness, and we must learn how to bounce back.” 

Source: Reddit

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