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Poll Reveals Discontent with President Biden Amid Approval for Foreign Policy

President Biden pledged unwavering U.S. support to Israel. A recent poll shows most Americans agree with Biden’s stance but still view Biden unfavorably. Voters discuss what that means. 

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What The Poll Shows

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A recent Quinnipiac poll shows that 76% of voters agree that it’s in America’s best interest to support Israel, agreeing with Biden’s foreign policy. However, the same poll showed that 56% of voters have an unfavorable view of Biden overall. 

All For Allies

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Upon reviewing the poll, many people mentioned that supporting Israel is popular for several reasons. “Americans have been through 9/11, so most Americans can relate,” said one commenter, referencing the terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel. 

Practiced Politician 

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Others thought that Biden was doing a good job navigating foreign affairs in the Middle East, so it makes sense that Americans were in favor of his foreign policy, even if they didn’t like his presidency. “Foreign policy experience matters. It lets you get things right in times like this,” one person noted. 


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“Honestly, Biden’s reaction to this situation is very leveled, and he is definitely pushing for a resolution,” another person agreed. “Stopping aid to Israel is effectively ending Israel as a nation, which is a bad thing for the US because then we have no foothold in the Middle East.”

Can’t Take Credit 

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Others thought giving credit to Biden was naive. They pointed out that America has long been Israel’s ally, and Biden pledging support should be a given. To them, the poll results made perfect sense. 

Old Policy

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As one commenter put it, “The policy [to support Israel] predates Biden, it will outlast Biden. It has always superseded the presidency.”

Flawed Poll

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Others thought the poll itself was flawed. “If the poll was more honest, it’d have people wishing that our government would stay out of other nation’s conflict and issues,” one person said. 

A Different Story

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Another person pointed out that there are other polls that tell a different tale. A recent CBS poll showed that 53% of Democrats and 43% of Republicans were against sending weapons and supplies to Israel. 

Don’t Know What To Think

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Many thought that asking Americans about foreign policy was a foolhardy venture. “Most Americans do not have an informed decision,” one commenter noted. 

Approval Isn’t About Foreign Policy 

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Other polls have shown that while Americans care about foreign policy, it’s not what wins elections. Recent polling in swing states has shown that Americans reject Biden’s economic policies, leading to the President’s poor approval rating. 


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Some voters worried Biden is pushing toward U.S. troop involvement in Israel and Ukraine. They fear regional conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine could turn into another world war. 

No Troops 

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“I’m sure as hell not sending my kids to Israel or Ukraine or any other country to die for these rich men’s plans of destruction,” one person said. 

Bad for Biden 

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Another person pointed out that a fear of American involvement could be bad for Biden’s reelection campaign. “Pretending to be an isolationist is one factor that helped Trump win over a historically hawkish Clinton,” they noted. 

Blame the Media

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Others thought Americans were responding the way the media told them to. They insinuated that news outlets have shown Biden as a “feeble, fumbling, senile old man,” leading to his disapproval overall. But they’ve pitched him as a “genius ” in terms of Israel. 

Changing Tides

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A few thought the tides would shift and Americans would not continue to support Israel. Because of this, they predicted trouble for Biden in 2024. As one person said, “Like it or not, this is going to go beyond ‘hold your nose and vote’ for a lot of people who already didn’t like Biden.”

Source: Reddit.

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