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Political Rebels Breaking Trends. 15 Views Americans Have That Deviate From Their Political Parties

Sometimes it feels like pigs will fly before Americans break their political affiliation. However, one liberal shared that sometimes they don’t agree with their party’s position. They took to the internet to ask where others “disagree with the home team,” sparking over 1,000 comments.

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Go Green 

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One conservative-leaning commenter stands firm in their belief that environmental issues are everyone’s issues. “Since when is it the ‘small government, individual responsibility, small community, and small businesses [that] are the backbone of America’s party that figures massive multinational corporations should be able to wreck the only planet we have?”

2: Trust in the Wrong Places 

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Despite being a self-described conservative, one commenter opposes capital punishment. “Killing someone is the one thing the government cannot undo, and we know that there have been innocent people put to death. If today’s Republicans distrust the government to handle money or protect free speech, how can they trust it to take someone’s life?”

3: Wasted Potential 

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One commenter dissents that affirmative action has not had the impact it should have. “We would be much more successful at its original intended goals if we focused on class-based action by increasing enrollment of those who are poor rather than any particular ethnic group.” 

4: Standing With Biden 

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One Libertarian commented that they don’t believe in their party’s foreign policy. “I fully support President Biden’s stance with Ukraine.”

5: Big Mistakes 

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One conservative says that their party has made some mistakes that are hard to look past. “Where I differ the most might be the death penalty (which I oppose) and Trump, which I consider to be the biggest mistake the party will make in my lifetime.”

6: Welcome to the Firearm Show 

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The Second Amendment guarantees Americans the right to bear arms, legislation most Democratic folks have been fighting against. One left-leaning commenter said, “I am strongly pro-second amendment, although I do support stronger background checks.”

7: Hot Take 

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On the topic of firearms, there were multiple pro-firearm liberals in the comments section. “There should be some level of barrier to ownership, and firearm crime needs to be severely punished, but responsible firearm ownership needs to be praised and encouraged.”

8: Anti-Athlete 

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One liberal commenter has unexpected views on transgender participation in professional sports. “Rec league softball or anything that’s just for fun? Go for it. Anything having to do with scholarships or prize money? I’m not personally for it.”

9: Eyes on the Prize 

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One liberal believes that most Democrats get too obsessed with right-wing culture wars. “They should be focusing on things that actually win elections: the economy.” They also share beliefs with libertarians on affordable housing. “To make housing cheaper, a LOT more housing needs to be built. And that starts by getting rid of all the overly restrictive zoning regulations.”

10: Powerful Statement 

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One person wonders why the topic of nuclear power is controversial. “Why on earth are environmentalists on the left fighting a proven and clean technology?” 

11: Looking for Cleaner Streets 

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One person feels strongly about the homelessness crisis in America, political parties aside. “My compassion can only go so far, and I believe I have the right to walk down public city sidewalks without having to dodge tents, trash, feces, or harassment.” 

12: Let’s Talk About It 

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One person who considers themselves a leftist wants more accountability for their party’s beliefs. “This, to me, means public ownership of public infrastructure and public provision of healthcare. The modern ‘Left,’ however, barely discusses such things and seems to favor postmodernism over socialism.” 

13: Hard to Decide 

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One conservative male struggles with how to feel about abortion rights. “I believe that I’ll be 75 years old and still won’t have a solid grasp on what the right way to go about it is. Personally, I think abortion is by far the most difficult to discuss and the hardest to reach across the aisle on.” 

14: Love Is Love 

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Typically, conservatives oppose same-sex marriage, but one right-leaning commenter doesn’t see the big deal. “Same-sex marriage has absolutely no bearing on what any of us do day to day. I am proud of how smoothly that has seemed to go since 2015. I’m in a heavily conservative state, and I never seem to run into someone with a problem.”

15: Makes Cents 

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One Republican-leaning commenter believes raising the minimum wage would help Americans more than hurt us. “Many conservatives don’t like increasing wages in any form (and I understand the obvious reasons, of course), but in my opinion, we live in a consumer-driven economy‚Ķ so people having more money would help the economy.” 

Source: Reddit

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