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Top 9 Regrets People Have About Moving to Phoenix

It’s no secret that Arizona summers are hot and likely to get hotter. While some people love the sun-filled days, others aren’t as enthusiastic about its prevalence in the Grand Canyon State. Here’s what Phoenix transplants wish were different about their adopted city.

Heat Woes

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One curious commenter turned to the internet to ask locals how they felt about living in Phoenix. They say they could never live in the desert climate and wonder if the hot weather is a deterrent for current residents. 

1: Feel the Burn

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A Phoenix transplant warned of the dangers of not wearing sunscreen in such a sunny state. They claim to have gotten skin cancer while living in Arizona and even advocate for getting tinted windows put on your car should you decide to make the move. 

2: Allergic Reaction

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Another Arizona local said that their allergies were the worst they’ve ever been after moving to Phoenix. Even back home on the East Coast, they didn’t suffer from allergies like they have been since the move. 

3: Not so Summer Lovin’ 

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One former Phoenix resident said the summer heat is just not worth the decent housing and job markets found in their adopted city. Not only does Phoenix feel like a hairdryer during the day, but temperatures can remain stifling well into the night. 

4: Seasons of Change

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The lack of changing seasons can be a turnoff for some, like one former resident who said that blue, sunny skies can get old after six months. They also cite concern over the water supply due to the lack of rain in the region. 

5: Cries of Climate Change

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An Arizona local claims that environmental protections show that the state will likely become unlivable. With water supplies dwindling and temperatures continuing to rise, it’s unlikely to stay a thriving city for too long. 

6: Need to Breathe

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Several Phoenix residents state that the heat isn’t the problem; it’s the pollution. Smog plus heat makes for an unbearable combination, especially during sweltering summers. 

7: Feeling Dusty 

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An Arizona resident says their biggest complaint about Phoenix isn’t the heat but the dust. They claim that you need to wipe everything down about every three days, or you’ll end up with a layer of dust all over your house. 

8: No Greenery

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One Arizona local claims that they wouldn’t choose to live in Phoenix if it wasn’t for their family. After living away for six years, they miss taking shaded strolls and bike rides through forests instead of being suffocated by the sun. 

9: Dog Days of Summer

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A Phoenix transplant is more concerned for their dog’s comfort than their own. They say that when you take them out, you have to be extra careful where they walk to avoid burning their paws on super hot pavement. 

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