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PetSmart Is Giving Away Free Summer Road Trips to Pet Owners and Fido: Here’s How to Snag One

Calling all pet parents! PetSmart just launched their Arcadia Trail Summer Bucket List Contest, giving ten lucky dog owners a chance to embark on a custom-designed road trip of their dreams with their four-footed best friend.

What the Contest Entails

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Anyone with a dog, a love for hitting the road, and the ability to jot down some words is eligible to apply for PetSmart’s Arcadia Trail Summer Bucket List Contest. PetSmart wants to know why it’s important for pet owners to take a road trip with their dogs.

Inspiration for the Contest

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PetSmart surveyed 2,000 American pet parents and discovered that over 60% believe it’s important to bring their dogs with them when participating in outdoor summer activities. Pet owners can pretty much count on their pooch being excited about it.

The physical activity that comes from pet road-tripping also offers many human health benefits, including reducing cardiovascular disease risk.

A Custom Trip for You and Your Pup

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PetSmart will be offering contest winners curated road trips valued at $5,000. Their goal is to help you and Fido partake in exciting summer activities during your road trip. Hiking, kayaking, and camping are some of the bucket list road trip adventures you can partake in with your dog. The more experiences you can pack in, the better!

The Trip Is Just the Beginning

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PetSmart will also award the winning pet parents and their dogs 100,000 PetSmart Treats reward points and a full suite of merchandise from their 2023 Arcadia Trail collection.

Testing Out Arcadia Trail’s New Gear

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The lucky winners will get to try out PetSmart’s newly released dog gear, designed to withstand even the most rugged road trips. Inflatable dog rafts, portable dog shower heads, and a pet wagon are some of the goodies that PetSmart owners might get to test with their pets.

Spreading Good for “Pawkind”

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PetSmart has a history of positively impacting the communities where it operates. It’s helped over 10 million pets find their forever homes via its in-store adoption program and other signature events connecting pet lovers with animals in need.

How to Apply

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Applications for PetSmart’s Arcadia Trail Summer Bucket List Contest are due by June 7th. All you need to do is be a resident of the U.S., submit a photo of you and your dog, and offer a short answer to the question, “Why is it important for you and your dog to go on a bucket list road trip adventure?”

Application Link

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Ready to apply? You can submit your Arcadia Trail Summer Bucket List Contest application here.

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