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15 Americans Alive Today That People Will Remember the Most in 100 Years

For better or worse, American names we know today are bound to go down in history books. One person asked the internet which Americans currently alive people will remember the most in 100 years (barring presidents and astronauts). Here are the memorable figures that got a shoutout.

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: More Than a Game 

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Many commenters say basketball legend Michael Jordan is unforgettable. “The only way Michael Jordan’s name fades into obscurity is if the game of basketball fades into complete obscurity,” one person said. 

2: Money Talks 

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One commenter pointed out that money moguls of years past, like John Rockefeller, J.P Morgan, and Andrew Carnegie, still come up in modern-day conversation. “Potentially, Musk or Bezos will follow in these regards. Maybe Steve Jobs, too.”

3: Anybody’s Guess 

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“Who knows,” one commenter said. “Do you think the ancient Mesopotamians could have predicted that the only person who’d be remembered in a few centuries was that one guy who sold crappy copper?” 

4: Everlasting Music 

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One American tossed out several famous names, including iconic singer Diana Ross. “I am willing to bet most people in this thread might not know Diana Ross, but that music is immortal.” 

5: Lasting Legacies  

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“Steve Jobs and Bill Gates will be known the same way Edison and Ford are known,” one commenter predicts. Another agrees. “People are going to remember Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for a very long time.”

6: Swifties Unite 

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One commenter thinks prominent musicians often have the best chance of being remembered, so their pick is pop superstar Taylor Swift. “She’s already had a long career; she’s been a household name for over a decade, and she’s still young.”

7: Make America Gab Again 

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Even though he was a president, many people think we’ll remember Donald Trump for much more than that in 100 years. “He is the most liked and disliked person alive right now.” Another commenter jokes, “The way things are going, people will still be running news cycles on Trump by the time I’m 80.”

8: To Infinity and Beyond 

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One commenter chose polarizing Tesla co-founder Elon Musk as their pick. “Not for being the richest person in the world or anything with Tesla, but if he’s even somewhat successful with his goals for SpaceX, then he’ll be one of the most important people in world history.”

9: Hit the Books 

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“If there’s anything people today know from 100+ years ago, it’s books,” one commenter says. “I’d vote for Stephen King, but realistically, it’s going to be whatever is required in schools- which is why 18-year-olds today still know who F. Scott Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, and Jane Austen are.”

10: Game On 

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“Maybe Wayne Gretzky, Tom Brady, or Michael Jordan,” one sports fan guesses, though they doubt sports will be as popular in 100 years. “So it might be some Twitch streamer who I’ve never heard of for all I know.” 

11: Don’t Throw Away Your Opportunity 

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Hamilton playwright and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda got a shoutout from one commenter. “His influence will reverberate. There will be university courses studying him/his work,” they said. “His productions will live on in both professional and community/school theaters. And he’ll generally be regarded positively.” 

12: That’s Just the Way It Is 

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Whichever side you’re on, one commenter thinks people will talk about Biggie and 2Pac, some of the most well-known names in hip-hop, in 100 years.  

13: Social Network

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One commenter says Mark Zuckerberg will continue to be prominent in 100 years. “We’ll learn about the rise of social media, and of the pioneers, he’s probably the most public-facing one.”

14: Working 9-5

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With a theme park, hotels, and timeless tunes, a few commenters agreed that country superstar Dolly Parton will still be discussed in 100 years. 

15: Not Optimistic 

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Many commenters thought that whoever we’ll be talking about in 100 years has yet to be discovered. “A small child we’ve never heard of who will become famous in 30 years has a better chance of being known then than anyone famous now.” 

Source: Reddit

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