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14 Americans Share Their Opinions of Transplants From California

The promise of lower living costs is pushing many Californians out of the Golden State. But how do Americans feel about it?

Transplant Troubles

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A Los Angeles native interested in moving to Seattle asked how Americans feel about transplants, particularly those from California. People responded in droves. These are the highlights.

1: Mexican Favorites

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A Seattle local says they’re A-OK with California transplants until “they get high and mighty that their Mexican food is superior.” They say, “Like ok bro we get it, don’t gotta [sic] eat the tacos up here then.”

2: Get Your Crime Straight

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A frustrated American says they’re not a fan of California transplants. “They tend to be more progressive and more tolerant of the crime and deterioration on the street scene because it’s not as bad as SF or LA, and they vote for more of it.”

3: Sunshine Woes

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A Seattle resident implies spotting a Californian there is easy because they talk about the sun. They warn that the “days are short and [the] sun doesn’t rise very high in winter months,” acknowledging it’s an adjustment for Cali natives.

4: It’s Your Fault, Silly

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The same commenter explains that Californians who moved into their district seem to be “just looking for a cheaper version of what they left behind in CA rather than actually moving to a different area. It’s been disappointing that they don’t seem to make the connection between their voting habits and the reasons they left CA in the first place.”

5: Let It Be

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In contrast, an American says, “I don’t think many of us really care where you come from,” referring to locals’ feelings about the California transplants in their city.

6: The Un-American Dream

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A local begs Californians to “stop buying homes with cash.” It messes up “the local housing market for us natives here.”

7: Back to the DMV Books

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In reference to California transplants, one commenter says, “I don’t care where you came from; I care how you drive. Just don’t make traffic worse please.”

8: Politics Is Everything

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For one American, Californians are cool as long as they don’t bring political baggage with them. “I feel great about CA transplants who don’t vote for the same type of politicians” who messed up California.

9: A Simple Solution

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One American says transplants “shouldn’t be allowed to vote before a minimum 5 years of residency.” Transplants shouldn’t be able to purchase property during those five years either, another argues.

10: Classic CA Problems

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A Seattle resident believes their city “started to go downhill when the Californians started coming in bigger numbers,” which they say began happening several years ago. “It’s easy to blame them for the new problems. Specifically overcrowding and real estate problems. Classic CA problems that we now have.”

11: Mentality Shift

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One California transplant sides with locals complaining about people like them. They recommend Cali transplants-to-be “just leave the CA mentality in CA before you move.”

12: Friendship Struggles

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Transplants tend to be transient, in the eyes of one American. They’re not keen on befriending them since “many transplants will probably [be] gone in a few years.”

13: Woke to the Max

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California transplants are way too woke for one resident. They say they stay clear of them at all costs.

14: Be Productive

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The discussion about California transplants is a waste of time, according to one commenter. “Americans have a constitutional right to interstate travel and relocation. Getting mad about this is like getting mad at the rain. It’s not a productive enterprise.”

Source: Reddit.

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