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13 Most Underrated American Cities Travelers Are Missing Out On

The United States is the fourth largest country in the world by area. That’s a lot of land to explore. So, Americans say travelers need to expand their horizons by visiting these underrated American cities.

1: Madison, Wisconsin

View of downtown Madison.
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Madison needs to be on more tourists’ bucket lists, according to one traveler. They describe the college town set between two lakes as having “Lots of great bars and restaurants.” It also “has a really nice bike/pedestrian trail system.”

2: Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia.
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The fact that so many travelers skip over Atlanta baffles some residents. “People dump on it, but I love it,” says one person. Another agrees, citing “awesome food and music scenes, great cultural/historical attractions, and super diverse crowds almost no matter what you’re doing” as their reasons for loving Atlanta.

3: Portland, Maine

A lighthouse in Portland, Maine.
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Forget about Oregon’s capital. Maine’s Portland is far too underrated, say several travelers. It’s “ludicrously beautiful at the shoreline,” and its lobster rolls are a must-try in-between visiting the town’s cute shops.

4: Savannah, Georgia

Live oaks hanging over a road in Savannah.
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A Philadelphia resident says Savannah is a severely underrated destination. With its “super pretty” appearance, beaches with warm water, and a “laid back old South town” atmosphere, what more can one want?

5: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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Santa Fe is an excellent place for tourists looking for underrated cities, with over 300 people agreeing. New Mexico’s capital has “tons of art, great food, [and] mountains to hike and ski.”

6: Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska.
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A native New Yorker says, ” I absolutely LOVED Omaha,” noting there was far more to do there than they expected. They found it to be “affordable, walkable, [and] friendly.”

7: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin skyline.
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Travelers planning a vacation for the summer or fall would do well by choosing often-forgotten Milwaukee, say some. The architecture is stunning, and “the whole city [is] alive and buzzing” during the summer fest.

8: Detroit, Michigan

Detroit skyline.
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One tourist didn’t have high expectations for Detroit but left feeling like it’s an underrated American city. They say Detroit is “surprisingly beautiful, [has] plenty of history, and a thriving multicultural food scene.”

9: Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff, Arizona.
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“What’s not to love?” asks one Flagstaff lover about the “college town at altitude.” They defend their position as Flagstaff being an underrated city, saying it has “good food [and a] great brewery and bar scene.”

10: Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky.
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Those seeking underrated U.S. cities should make a beeline to Louisville, according to some travelers. The Whisky District and 4th Street Live make downtown great, and there are several unique neighborhoods to explore, like Old Louisville and St. Matthews.

11: Boise, Idaho

Downtown Boise.
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“Don’t laugh,” says the commenter recommending Boise as an underrated American city. “It’s a beautiful little city with a well-preserved downtown, nice new construction, walking paths along the river [and] surrounded by mountains.”

12: Sacramento, California

Sacramento state capitol.
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Sacramento is a favorite underrated American city for several Americans. It’s “One of the most diverse cities. Amazing food. The grid is walkable and flat.” As for those who don’t like the heat, Sacramento’s “trees absorb a lot of the heat.” Its location is also hard to beat. You “can travel 2 hours west and hit the beach, 2 hours east and you are in Tahoe. An hour away from wine country, and great farmers market.”

13: Chicago, Illinois

River in Chicago.
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Americans need to ignore the bad press about Chicago’s crime and head to its downtown tourist area, say many tourists. “Chicago is architecturally the most impressive US city,” says one. Another agrees, “It’s also surprising how many folks I know who are born and raised Midwesterners who still haven’t made the trip to Chicago…it’s one of my favorite cities.”

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