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15 Ultra-Fun Words To Say That You Need To Add to Your Vocabulary

Chatterboxes, unite. An English speaker took to an online forum to poll which words are ridiculously fun to say. Here are the fan favorites. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Shop ‘Till You Drop 

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Typically used as another word for a men’s clothing and accessory shop, “haberdashery” is one person’s favorite fun word to say. “Ever been flabbergasted at the haberdashery?” someone responded. 

2: Potty Humor 

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“Cacophony” is the most fun word to say, according to some English speakers. A cheeky commenter responded that it “sounds like the scientific name for fake poop pranks.” 

3: Music to My Ears 

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One person said the unique Australian instrument “didgeridoo” is always a fun word that rolls off the tongue. “Did I redo what?” someone jokingly responded. “As an Aussie, I approve of this message,” someone else added. 

4: Love Triangle 

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Geometry lesson, anyone? One person said they love the word “isosceles” so much that they would name their kid after it. Another person knew what they meant. “My fish is named Isosceles. He is triangular shaped, too.” 

5: That’s Nonsense 

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There’s an entertaining word for talking a bunch of nonsense. One person said “malarkey” is the most fun word to say.

6: Order in the Court 

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Over 4.5K users upvoted the person who said “kerfuffle” is fun to say. “Judge Judy uses it often,” a commenter pointed out. 

7: What a Coincidence 

“Serendipity” is a word that must go on the fun word list, according to many English speakers. “It’s got a ‘dipity’ in it.” Another English speaker said they have a slight preference for “serendipitous.” 

8: Taken By Surprise 

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Another English speaker said “flabbergasted” is their favorite word. 

9: All Mixed Up

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A few people said that “discombobulated” is the most fun word to say. “Milwaukee Airport has a designated ‘recombobulation area'” after security check, one traveler added. 

10: Rumor Has It 

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Have you ever heard the spooky myth of the chupacabra? It’s one person’s favorite word to say. One person responded, “Ya mean the weird Mexican lizard? Eats all the goats?” 

11: Oh, Canada 

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One person uses any excuse to say the name of one Canadian province. “Whenever I want to make some dumb reference to something being an inconvenient distance away, I always say it’s in Saskatchewan,” they said. “Specifically because it’s fun to say Saskatchewan.”

12: Game On

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Want to sound a little bit fancier? “Indubitably” is a fun one to say aloud. “I always say it like the Crypt Lord in Warcraft 3,” one gamer responds. 

13: Ring the Bells 

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One music lover brought up a dreamy percussion instrument. They said “glockenspiel” is their favorite fun word to say. 

14: Puppet Master 

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A music lover adds a Muppet song reference to the mix. “Phenomenon… Do doo dee do do.” Another person says, “I was devastated when I found out he doesn’t actually say phenomenon, just ‘mahna mahna'”

15: Looks Like It 

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Don’t do a double take, but one person says their favorite word ever is “doppelgänger.” 

Source: Reddit

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