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15 Most Fun Words to Say in the English Language, According to Vocab Fans

Words can hold a lot of weight, but regardless of what they mean, some are just fun to say. People took to the internet to share their favorites. Warning: You’ll have a hard time not blurting these out loud while you read. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Act Your Age

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Some things never get old, including potty humor, according to this 70-year-old commenter. “I have no idea why I just can’t say ‘butt wipe’ without laughing forever. It has always made me laugh.”

2: Just Wonderful 

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One person’s favorite word to say is “splendid.” Try it next time you experience something you enjoy. 

3: A Moving Experience

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If you say “crisp” out loud, it feels like the word moves from your throat to your lips letter by letter, according to one commenter. You just tried it, didn’t you? 

4: Moving On Up

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Coddiwomple, meaning “to move in a purposeful manner toward a vague destination,” got a shoutout from one commenter. Someone jokingly responded, “Story of my life.” 

5: Snap, Crackle, Pop

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There’s no denying how fun it is to say “onomatopoeia,” but one commenter has a tough time spelling it. “I always replace the t with an n. It shocks me every time I see it written.”

6: All Mixed Up 

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“Discombobulated” is an entertaining way to say things are all out of whack. Over 1.2K users upvoted the commenter who said it was fun to say. 

7: Kickin’ It

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One person thinks saying “colloquially” feels like taking your mouth to the skatepark. “‘Loquial’ is like your tongue doing a kickflip,” they say. 

8: Tricks Are for Kids

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Meaning to fool or cheat someone, “bamboozled” is another word that some commenters love to say out loud. 

9: Let’s Get Lost 

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Whether or not getting lost in a cave is your idea of a good time, many commenters agree that “spelunking” is fun to say. 

10: Take a Chance

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One commenter thinks “serendipity” is one of the most amusing words to say. There’s nothing quite as serendipitous as saying the word itself. 

11: Without a Doubt 

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Looking to sound a little smarter than you are? One commenter brought up the word “indubitably.” It’s impossible to doubt how fun it is to say. 

12: Doing Too Much 

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One commenter said plethora was the most fun word to say in English. Another jokingly responded, “Thanks, that means a lot.”

13: Forget About It

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If you’re a fan of The Sopranos, you’re definitely familiar with the term “gabagool.” Commenters love saying the word, which is slang for capicola, a popular Italian cold cut.

14: Up To No Good

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It’s only fitting that the word for causing mischief would be as silly as it sounds. One commenter said “shenanigans” was an entertaining word to say. 

15: Pirate’s Life for Me 

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Argh! Anyone interested in the pirate’s life will agree with this commenter, who said, “‘scalawag’ should be brought back in popular use.” 

Source: Reddit

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