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30 Most Dangerous Countries in the World

The US has its fair share of issues, but being one of the most dangerous countries in the world isn’t among them. These are the most unsafe countries around the globe that’ll make you grateful to be an American.

Understanding the Data

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The 2022 Global Peace Index (GPI) used 23 indicators to rank peace levels in 163 countries. Some of the indicators include assessing societal safety and security, ongoing internal and external conflicts, and the degree of militarization. The GPI combines its indicator rankings into one index score and calculates them on a scale of 1-5; higher scores represent higher degrees of violence.

1: Afghanistan

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Afghanistan is the least peaceful country in the world for the fifth consecutive year, with a peace index score of 3.554 out of five due to high incidents of criminality. 

2: Yemen

Buildings in Yemen's capital.
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Due to internal conflict and COVID-19’s impact on its economy, violence increased in Yemen, resulting in a peace index score of 3.394 out of five.

3: Syria

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Explosive-related violence against civilians impacted Syria’s GPI. In 2022, its peace index score was slightly higher than Yemen, scoring 3.356 out of five. 

4: Russia

St Bail's Cathedral in Moscow.
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Russia’s conflict with Ukraine led to an increase in deaths, deterioration in political instability, and political terror. The country’s peace index score came in at 3.275 out of five.

5: South Sudan

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Despite improvement in peacefulness, the level of internal conflict in South Sudan remains high. The country ranks 159 on the GPI, with a peace index score of 3.184 out of five.

6: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Mountains in the Congo.
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The number of deaths from external conflicts rose in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The country’s peace index score of 3.166 resulted in a ranking of 158.

7: Iraq

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Iraq saw a slight improvement in peacefulness from last year’s GPI, moving two countries up and ranking at 157 out of 163 countries. The country’s global peace index score was 3.157 out of five.

8: Somalia

Refugee camp for Somalians.
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Factors like conflict, deaths, and terrorism positioned Somalia at 156 on the GPI, with its peace index score standing at 3.125 out of five.

9: Central African Republic

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While GPI indicated a decrease in conflict deaths, the overall number of conflicts in regions like the Central African Republic increased, leading the country to a peace index score of 3.021 out of 5. 

10: Sudan

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With over 35 percent of its population displaced, Sudan’s ongoing struggles and uprising have resulted in a peace index score of 3.007 out of five.

11: Ukraine

Church in Kyiv.
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Ukraine saw one of the largest deteriorations in peacefulness due to its ongoing conflicts with Russia, generating a peace index score of 2.971 out of five.

12: North Korea

Shadows over North Korean flag.
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North Korea was among one of 10 countries to experience large levels of violent demonstrations from 2021 to 2022, making their overall peace index score 2.942 out of five.

13: Libya

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Libya has made progress toward peace within the last five years. However, the country still faces ongoing conflict, producing a peace index score of 2.93. 

14: Mali

Traditional dancers in Mali.
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Mali’s position on the GPI ranked at 150 due to ongoing domestic conflict. The country’s peace index score stands at 2.911.

15: Ethiopia

Mountains of Ethiopia.
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Ethiopia’s peacefulness rank dropped to 149, a nine-spot decrease. The economic impact of Armed Conflicts increased by 90% from 2021, adding to Ethiopia’s peace index of 2.806.

16: Venezuela

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Ranking at 148, Venezuela continues to record high scores in homicide, violent crime, and political terror. Its peace index score is 2.793 out of five.

17: Pakistan

Camp in the mountains of Pakistan.
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With a peace index score slightly lower than Venezuela at 2.789, Pakistan comes in at number 147 on the GPI. Pakistan authorities advise foreigners not to move out of their residences without prior coordination with law enforcement. 

18: Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso Africa.
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Burkina Faso experienced a large deterioration of peacefulness due to political and economic instability. The country encountered a 12 rank drop in peacefulness, resulting in a peace index score of 2.786 out of five.

19: Turkey

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Though Turkey’s peacefulness improved by 2.3 percent, it continues to be the least peaceful country in its region for the 15th year. Its peace index score is 2.785.

20: Colombia

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Violent demonstrations resulted in some of the biggest deteriorations for countries like Colombia, whose peace index score increased to 2.729.

21: Nigeria

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From 2017 to 2020, protesters sought to disband Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad, resulting in an increase in deaths. Nigeria’s peace index is 2.725 out of five.

22: Cameroon

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Cameroon has a lower peace index of 2.709 and is ranked 142 among the world’s most peaceful countries.

23: Iran

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Though Iran moved up in peacefulness, it had one of the largest increases in military expenditure, resulting in a peace index of  2.687.

24: Niger

Old city of Niger.
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Niger ranks at 140 in GPI, a one-position increase from 2021. The country’s peace index score is 2.65 out of five.

25: Myanmar

Temples in Myanmar.
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Ranking at 139, Myanmar’s peacefulness fell due to the rise in political terror and its government’s response to COVID-19. Its peace index score is 2.631.

26: Lebanon 

Ruins in Lebanon.
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Though the number of deaths from conflicts in Lebanon has declined, the number of conflicts is ongoing. Lebanon’s rank rose to 138, and its index score was 2.615 out of five.

27: Mexico

Church in Mexico City.
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Mexico is amongst the countries with the highest rates of homicide. Eight of the most violent cities are located in the country. Its peace index score is 2.612, and the country ranked 137.

28: Chad

Rock formation in Chad.
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With higher scores in its Domestic Conflict Domain, Chad ranked at 136th for the most peaceful country in the world. It has a peace index score of 2.591.

29: India

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India saw an increase in violent crime due to a weaker economy, political instability, and violence between Hindu and Muslim citizens, resulting in a peace index score of 2.578 out of five.

30: Israel

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Due to tension in the region, Israel ranks 134 on the GPI, with its peace index score at 2.576.

Looking Ahead

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According to the Global Peace Index, major conflicts, like Russia’s attack on Ukraine, have partially been captured in the GPI’s 2022 data. This could suggest that many countries may see a decline in the next set of global peacefulness data researchers release.

A Troubling Trend

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Even though many countries aren’t downright dangerous, 71 countries fell in their world peacefulness rankings in 2022.

Closer to Home

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