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15 Most Boring Big Cities in America

Bright lights, big cities, bigger yawns? One pondering traveler said they’d been to Sacramento, CA, Indianapolis, IN, and Columbus, OH, and couldn’t believe how dull they were. They asked people in an online forum which big cities are the most boring in their eyes, and the responses were overwhelming.

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida.
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Seeing Jacksonville, Florida, on this list was no surprise to one commenter. “It is indeed a terribly boring city. There’s nothing here that makes this place remotely interesting.” They had just one thing to add. “That being said, I still enjoy living here.”

2: Fresno, California 

Fresno sign.
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One person has a less-than-stellar opinion of one California destination. “Fresno is the fifth largest city in California and by far the lamest in the country.”

3: San Jose, California

San Jose, California.
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One San Jose resident warns out-of-towners, “Our downtown is so-so if you don’t live there. If you do live there, you kinda did everything you’d want to do the first month.” Another commenter agrees, “Going to places such as San Pedro Square got old quickly.”

4: Boring, Maryland

Bored woman.
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Someone called out the city of Boring, Maryland, which has a name too fitting not to include on a list of the most boring cities in America. “The name is the most interesting thing about the town.” 

5: Boring, Oregon

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Yup, you read that right. Adding to the mundane monikers, one commenter threw Boring, Oregon, into the mix. “Its motto is: ‘The most exciting place to live.'” Another person dissed the East Coast city mentioned above, “Sounds much more interesting than Boring, Maryland.”

6: Los Angeles, California

Hollywood street sign.
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Los Angeles has its pros and cons. “If you’re rich or famous, it can be amazing. If you’re not rich or famous, the entire city is like a giant ‘screw you.'” one commenter says. 

7: Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas skyline.
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Beyonce, cover your ears. A commenter called out Houston. “It was even voted as the ‘World’s 2nd Most Boring City to Visit.'” One current resident responded, “Compared to other major cities I’ve visited, I find it boring. Or maybe it’s just lost its luster.”

8: Scranton, Pennsylvania 

Scranton, Pennsylvania.
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Scranton, the electric city! Or not. One Pennsylvanian sarcastically said, “Ain’t no party like a Scranton party, ’cause a Scranton party ends at 9, and I’m in bed by 10.”

9: Ohio, All of It

Cincinnati skyline.
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One commenter bent the rules to share their opinion on one underwhelming state in their eyes. “I know Ohio isn’t a city, but all of Ohio is just the most boring place in America.”

10: Gilbert Town, Arizona

Gilbert, Arizona.
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One commenter mentioned Gilbert Town, Arizona, as the most boring city in the U.S. Another person backed them up. “I’ve been there. It is a suburban wasteland. Your guess is correct.”

11: Raleigh, North Carolina

Highway leading into downtown Raleigh.
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“Raleigh by far,” says one naysayer of North Carolina’s capital. But they weren’t alone. “I came here to say this. Been twice, and the town just gives me the weirdest vibe ever.”

12: Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee city skyline.
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Dolly Parton might be ashamed of this commenter, who bashed Nashville, saying, “The tourist traps are all built around the cheesiest pop-country cover bands and cowboy hats and boots.” They added, “and screaming bachelorette parties…and ‘blackout tuff dudes.'”

13: Phoenix, Arizona

Panoramic view of Phoenix, Arizona.
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One commenter said Phoenix, Arizona, has “no culture to speak of, nothing to do because it is always too hot to do anything, no good foodie culture, etc.” Another person said if you’re an “ASU student or you love golf,” life there is pretty sweet. 

14: Toledo, Ohio

Toledo skyline.
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The current dining scene in Toledo, Ohio, was mentioned by one person, but not for a good reason. “Nothing to do but go out to eat,” they said. “Highest number of restaurants per capita.”

15: All of Them 

Angry woman.
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Forget narrowing things down; one commenter finds all big cities boring, saying, “If your city gets its personality from endless shopping malls and chain restaurants, then I want nothing to do with it.” 

Source: Reddit

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