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The 18 All-Time Most Beautiful Cities Travelers Have Visited

Are you bit by the travel bug? Take some time to daydream about where to go next. Travelers took to the internet to share the most stunning cities they’ve visited. 

Note: Some quotes in this piece have been lightly edited for grammar.

1: Out of This World 

A trolly in Lisbon.
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“Lisbon seemed to me like a city out of another world,” a traveler who fell in love with the Portuguese capital said. Another agreed that Lisbon is a stunning visit. “Beautiful architecture (both old and new), and it’s right on the water and is hilly, so it is so beautiful from above.” 

2: Great Place to Start 

San Miguel de Allende.
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Some said Guanajuato, Mexico’s architecture, walkability, and “tucked in the mountains” feel makes for a beautiful destination. One person adds that while it’s a shame how touristy San Miguel has become, “it’s a great starting point for people eager to explore more of Mexico if they’ve only been to the resort towns.” 

3: Snow Globe Vibes

Chamonix, France.
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One wanderer had nothing short of a winter wonderland experience when they arrived at their snowy Chamonix, France, accommodations. “I arrived at night. I opened the window and curtain, and it literally felt like I was opening a Christmas storybook.”

4: Can’t Go Wrong 

Florence city skyline.
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One traveler basically says you can throw a dart at a map of Italy and land on a breathtaking city. “Florence, Italy, everywhere is full of art.” Another adventurer agreed. “The city itself is both a masterpiece and like a museum at the same time.” 

5: Lucky Visitor 

Paddling on a river in Ninh Binh.
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Although they wouldn’t necessarily call it a city, one globetrotter said Ninh Binh, Vietnam, was the most beautiful place they’ve seen. They describe the mountains as stunning and say how grateful they are to have had the opportunity to visit there.

6: Winter Wonderland 

Tokyo skyline.
Photo Credit: Depositphotos.

Another snowy paradise one traveler experienced was in Tokyo. “Loved every single minute I spent there just walking around and going down side streets,” they said. “Something about being lost in a foreign place where you can’t read or speak anything was just a feeling I have never experienced before.”

7: Flower Power 

Skyline of Edinburgh.
Photo Credit: shaiith via stock.adobe.com.

One jet-setter said despite naysayers saying the climate is terrible, Edinburgh, Scotland was gorgeous. “They had those impossibly blue Himalayan poppies in the botanic garden when I visited. A climate that can grow something like that is fine with me.” 

8: Stunning Sights 

Boats in Venice.
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Many globetrotters mentioned Venice, Italy, as being the most beautiful city, even with its seasonal tourists. “Especially at night when the crows clear out and you can explore the back alley and empty squares,” one visitor said. “It was a magical place.” 

9: A Tearful Trip 

Granada skyline.
Photo Credit: Svetlana via stock.adobe.com.

One solo traveler was brought to tears by the beauty they saw in Granada, Spain, in 2017. “I first made it up to the Mirador San Nicolas and looked at dusk at the Alhambra and Generalife. There was a flamenco guitarist and not too many tourists, surprisingly,” they said. “It was breathtaking.”

10: Nothing Compares 

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One person says their friend went on a semester at sea and saw all parts of the world, and nothing compared to Cape Town, South Africa. “I’m sure words can’t describe what it’s like, but the unrivaled enthusiasm gets the rest of us halfway there.” 

11: Endless Summer

Sydney skyline.
Photo Credit: Jovannig via Depositphotos.

“I could never get over Sydney,” one tourist said about the popular Australian destination. “The whole city seemed suspended in a long summer weekend.” A Sydney lover responded, “I scrolled to find this! Something about Australia just touched my soul.” 

12: See for Yourself 

Downtown Kyoto, Japan.
Photo Credit: anekoho via stock.adobe.com.

Kyoto, Japan, took the cake for one traveler for its beautiful architecture with ancient shrines and temples, rolling green hills, pink cherry blossoms, and other gorgeous plants. “Just Google it,” they urged. “You won’t be disappointed.” 

13: Living Like a Tourist 

View of Prague.
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“I lived in Prague for a couple of years and would still sometimes walk around with my mouth agape like a slack-jawed tourist,” one traveler said. “I could be flat broke and still enjoy just walking around drinking it all in.” A Prague-lover seconded their statement, “I’ve been there on many, many occasions, and it’s still my favorite European city.” 

14: Unreal Views 

Bruges, Belgium.
Photo Credit: Ekaterina Belova via stock.adobe.com.

One adventurer was surprised they had to be the first to mention Bruges, Belgium. “Either people haven’t been there or forgot to say it,” they said. “It’s like a fairytale!” The small Belgian city is known for its canals, medieval cobbled streets, and buildings. 

15: All Natural 

Vancouver skyline.
Photo Credit: Barbara Helgason via stock.adobe.com.

Regarding natural beauty, a few people said Vancouver can’t be beat. “I found Vancouver prettier than fairytale cities in Europe,” one traveler said. “I don’t know a soul there, but I frequent that city because it’s so beautiful.” Another added, “Vancouver and its surroundings were breathtaking.” 

16: City of Love 

Vancouver skyline.
Photo Credit: Barbara Helgason via stock.adobe.com.

Sometimes, things are cliche for a reason. Many Paris visitors said it’s the most beautiful place they’ve seen. “I constantly think about the Eiffel Tower lit up at night,” they said. “I studied here and fell in love with it and have made it a goal to make others fall in love too,” another added. “It’s full of magic.”

17: Perfect Mix 

Looking up at buildings in Singapore.
Photo Credit: Depositphotos.

“Singapore was pretty unique and beautiful,” one traveler says, comparing it to a marriage of modern city architecture and immersive trees/foliage. “You have interesting builds like the Garden by the Bay (the super trees and dome gardens). And I like the contrast against the chaos of the hawker stalls and beautiful temples.” 

18: Blast From the Past 

St. Petersburg, Russia.
Photo Credit: dimbar76 via stock.adobe.com.

If you want to go back in history, St. Petersburg is like “getting off of a boat and stepping into 1910,” says one traveler. Another says the Russian city is straight out of a fairytale, “Especially in Winter. Made some beautiful memories there.” But due to current political conditions, a visit to Russia will likely have to stay on your bucket list until the US Department of State deems it safe.

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